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Performance appraisal of employees Suggest for the Subway Prepared for Anuradha Sharma Manager of the Subway Prepared by Navneet Kaur Employee of the subway July 22, 2018 SUBWAYMemoTo: Anuradha Sharma, Manager SubwayFrom: Navneet Kaur, Employee SubwayDate: July 22, 2018Subject: Performance Appraisal of an employees to do their best. This recommendation offers a solution to appraise the performance of an employees. It consists of regular reviews of employee performance within organization. Performance appraisal helps in identifying the weakness and strength of an employees so that they can improve themselves and contribute much to their company. This report consists of both primary research- In-person interview with the manager and employees and secondary research.

According to my research plan, Performance appraisal is very crucial in running a successful business because more effective way for a business to differentiate themselves in s highly competitive, service-oriented, global marketplace is through the quality of employees. Manager held meetings with employees to set goals collaboratively. Hence, employees become more engaged and committed to the goal, leading to the higher rate of success.Having weekly meetings, discuss problems with employees and suggest how to develop their own individual goals helps them a lot in improving their performance and enhance their morale.I am very ecstatic and grateful to Anuradha Sharma for giving me her precious time out of her busy schedule and give her suggestion how to appraise the performance of employees. Her opinions and judgement give a plenty of ideas to complete this report.

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