People with schizophrenia may have an altered perception

People suffering from a schizotypal personality disorder is one who experiences difficulty in forming and keeping relationships with others around them.

Many confuse people with schizotypal with schizophrenia due to the close resemblance of both. Those with schizophrenia may have an altered perception of reality that we all experience, usually due to the combined presence of hallucinations and delusions. This altered perception can lead them to behave in very different ways: while sometimes they seem distant or self-absorbed (some people can sit without moving for hours), at other times they may seem worried, vigilant or too active.In the movie, Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, Wonka possesses strong, unusual ideas and theories.

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He appeared to have odd beliefs or magical thinking that significantly influences behavior. By being inconsistent with subcultural norms, he makes comments like, “I am the maker of music, the maker of dreams” which lead him to believe that all of his dreams were possible, especially the impossible ones. Though, his unusual perceptual experiences, including bodily illusions, also possesses a particular way of expressing himself to others. Sometimes he would make up words and phrases. There were times when he seemed to show a paranoid behavior especially when visitors got too close to the factory’s sweets or even when he got flashbacks of his father, a dentist, who performed regular checkups on him for cavities. Cavities, Wonka’s biggest fear. Now, Willy Wonka had all these apparent symptoms, yet never demonstrated a particular vulnerability to experiencing hallucinations.

Therefore, he did not have schizophrenia but suffered a schizotypal personality disorder. Further, into this disorder, outsiders perceive those with schizotypal personality disorders to be odd or eccentric just like the character of Willy Wonka. When the children first arrived with their parents to the Chocolate Factory, they seemed to want to distance themselves physically from him because of his struggle making connections with them, holding a conversation, and being socially anxious, which made the visitors uncomfortable. The majority of people have also been in situations where they find themselves in awkward circumstances, it’s very reasonable, but we’re talking about a person who has these symptoms at a very extreme level. Willy Wonka lived in the Chocolate Factory surrounded by Oompa Loompas, however, he preferred to be alone since he was a little kid.

Perhaps, it was the fact that his father was very strict and unloving of him that might have provoked him to develop symptoms of schizophrenia, schizotypal and antisocial disorders. Now, these feelings seemed to not improve over time. But not to confuse Willy Wonka as schizophrenic by merely possessing similar symptoms and behaviors. Though, this patient did show a few signs of being delusional.

The main reason he hired Oompaa Loompas was that he thought that his first workers sought to steal his secret recipes. As said before, Willy Wonka did appear to be schizophrenic but leaned towards a schizotypal personality disorder much more. Being diagnosed with this disease does not necessarily characterize him as dangerous, even kids were allowed to be near him without any concerns. Despite the reason that this is, for the most part, not curable, but a treatable disorder to improve over time. It is crucial to begin to understand that anyone can suffer from this disease and provide support instead of being afraid and probably encouraging them to worsen their personality disorder. 


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