People important. Leadership is an important quality

 People might ask why it is important to play sports? Playing sports is not just about playing a game and being on a team.  Nor, is it about winning or losing.  It can have so many positive rewards.  It is an activity that teaches us how to communicate with others.  Sports are important because they teach us certain aspects that will be helpful to us on a regular basis.  Playing sports, in the long run, has many advantages that will be beneficial to us personally.

 You will see that “playing sports is important as it teaches you how to be healthy and active, the importance of teamwork and most importantly how it has the ability to teach us the valuable life lesson skills we will forever need in our daily lives”(Vulcan).  Therefore, playing sports has many benefits, one of which is that it keeps us healthy and active.     Playing sports is a lot of fun.  Most of all it has many benefits.  Sports is a good way of becoming healthy and active and it also keeps you physically fit.  “Playing sports is a good workout for the body”(Kapoor).

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 During this time at allows you to burn calories as well. Proper nutrition is very important when playing sports.  Eating foods that are nutritious is what gives you the energy you need in order to get a proper workout.

 As a result, you become stronger.  Not only does playing sports have a health benefit it also teaches you the importance of teamwork.            Playing sports teaches you the importance of teamwork.  When you work as a team, it is much easier to reach a common goal.  More importantly, playing sports educates us on the skills that are important.  Leadership is an important quality to have in sports.   Leaders inspire their teammates to perform at their best.  In sports, the goal is to win and work hard.

Without leadership, there is no one to set an example. Without communication in sports, teamwork and strategy become more difficult. In order to win as a team, everyone has to know what they are good at and what they need to do in order to succeed as a team.

  Not only do sports teach you about leadership, communication, and strategy, it also teaches you valuable life lessons.     Playing sports teaches you valuable life lesson skills that you would also use throughout life.  Playing any type of sports can build self-esteem and confidence, it gives you a sense of purpose.  It makes you feel like you are making a contribution to the team and this allows you to feel good about yourself.

 Feeling good about yourself gives you the ability to believe that you can accomplish anything and set goals for yourself.  Not only is self-esteem and confidence a valuable life lesson, so is hard work.  “Being great at something takes hard, consistent work”(Basketball for Coaches).  Playing sports allows you to push yourself at working hard by competing.  Working hard on daily basis is not any different, this must be done in order to get ahead in life.  In my opinion, things don’t come easy and hard work equals success.

 Lastly, another very important  valuable life lesson is that it teaches us to respect others as you would want them to respect you. These are some reasons why valuable life lessons tie into why sports are important.    In conclusion, I feel that it is important to play sports. Not only is it a great way to have fun and meet new people, but it teaches us the  important skills that we need throughout life.  Playing sports is important because it is a great way to keep us healthy and active.  Being healthy and active keeps us fit.  It also teaches us the importance of teamwork and most of all it teaches us valuable life lesson skills that we will need and use on a daily basis our whole life.

 Being taught all these skills will give us the qualities  we need to successful in life.


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