People who shared the injection

People who shared the injection equipment’s one by one that becomes the reason of blood-borne disease. There are 16 million people all around the world who inject drugs(PWID) and in some areas 90% have probability of HCV infection (Hagan H, Pouget ER, Des Jarlais DC, Lelutiu-Weinberger C,2008). Some people who inject illicit drugs once in their life that comes in the part of PWID. In this group both part of population involves who inject drug in the past and now stopped, and that people who are currently injectors.

Among these both types of people, some part getting opioid substitution therapy (OST) for opioid dependence also exists, some of whom may continue to inject drugs (Larney, J Grebely, 2015). To control this situation, globally in the rural and urban areas, Needle Syringe Programs have been executed to control the infection of HCV

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