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People Have Become Overly Dependent on Technology: Positive effects of Technology on Today’s day-to-day life Outline Thesis: Technology has vastly affected every area of human life, such as healthcare, business, education, and communication that it seems impossible to see today’s world without technology. Definition of technology Comparison between stone era and modern technology Comparison between developed and underdeveloped countries Advantages of modern technology How it took over every field of modern societyHealth care Education Business and economy Communication http://en. wikipedia.

org/wiki/Technology http://benefitof. net/benefits-of-technology/ Technology world came from the Greek word ‘Technologia’, which means study of art or skill. According to a phrase in Wikipedia. org, “Technology is the making, usage, and knowledge of tools, machines, techniques, crafts, systems or methods of organization in order to solve a problem or perform a specific function.

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” The term technology can be used as general or specific.Since Stone era, human is trying to use resources, knowledge, and imagination to invent tools- or in other word technology-for betterment of human kind. If we peek in the past and compare present, there is unbelievable progress in technology since then; as a result, today we are living in a machine era. Today, Modern technology has affected almost every area of our day-to-day. In early age, technology was not so affordable, convenient, or accessible that it was being used in high level scientific, industrial, or military operations by scientists or technologist.However besides infrastructure and education, today technology is playing a very important role in making a country super power in the world.

Nowadays, technology is so accessible and affordable that it is being used in each and every sector of modern society from household to scientific inventions. Technology has vastly and positively affected every area of human life, such as healthcare, business, education, and communication that it seems that people have become overly dependent on technology.In other words, world is becoming more dependent on technology day-by-day due to affordable, accessible, and efficient technological inventions. Most importantly, business is among the most vastly effected fields. A long time ago, business used to be a region-specific – limited to a certain geological diameter. In contrast, today a business crossed not even national but international boundaries. With the invention of internet everything has become globalized; as a result, all banking transactions are done online. Now, we have fast, reliable, and better sources of transportation.

Businesses are relying so much on the technology whether it is telephone, computer, or, internet that if any link gets into technical outage or difficult, the whole system will shut down. Today, all transactions are electronic, such as debit, credit, online banking, or ATM Machines. Despite of advanced and uptodate online security techniques, there have been history of cyber security breach. Cyber crime is on top of crime list for every nation in the world.

It is costing million of dollar every year to nations. According to article writer Brad Stone, The F. B.I has arrested a vast number of conspirators who tricked internet users to reveal their bank information and other personal information. They have been successful in stealing over $2 millions from the innocent people ( The New York Times, 2009). http://www. nytimes. com/2009/10/08/technology/internet/08phish.

html All small and large business organizations are heavily depending upon electronic gadgets, such as computers or phone for inventory management, book keeping, emails etc. that people tend to neglect their work skills to complete the task in absence of the modern technology. ffices are setup so electronically that workers or employees have forgotten to calculate and communicate manually in presence of easy to use and access electronic computers,mobile phones, and internet. One malfunction in credit or debit card machine will stop almost the entire shop sale as nowadays everybody prefer to carry cards because they are safe. We can imagine what will happen if there is no phone, internet, or online banking available even for a day. The whole world is completely dependent on technology that it forgot to take even a step forward without these advanced business technological inventions. ttp://web.

ebscohost. com. library. sheridanc. on. ca/ehost/pdfviewer/pdfviewer? vid=9&hid=8&sid=e258fb82-d1f7-46a0-8906-965c0346a18d%40sessionmgr12 – business benefits In the past, people used to die in young age or get physically disable in early age of their lifetime due to lack of early diagnosis of disease or no availability of cure. In modern society, medical technological inventions have made it possible to live longer with the help of medicinal treatments, early diagnosis, surgeries, or artificial implantations in human bodies.

Today, all the records are being maintained in computer, and they are easily accessible anywhere by any doctor with the help of connectivity, such as internet and phone etc. Operation rooms are so well equipped with new and efficient technology that it is almost impossible to think of operating a patient without these operating machines. The whole medical sector is so electronically connected that it will shut down if there is any power outage, or computer are not working properly.Technology is a backbone of today’s medical facilities; in other words all financial, administrative, and medical systems of hospitals are so deep integrated with technological system that it is hard to imagine if one is not functioning efficiently without technical problem. Doctors, nurses, emergency vehicles, and patients are electronically linked together. Medical research and storage labs, operation theatres, and doctors’ offices are all so technically advanced and efficient that a small technological error can stop the whole management; for example, imagine that there is no internet or phone in the hospitals.According to Dr. Jeff Grossman, “The nation’s dysfunctional healthcare system may undermine any progress in patient care made possible by the adoption of electronic health records, according to Dr.

Jeff Grossman. ”(cited in WTN News). It demonstrates very well our dependency upon technology. http://wtnnews.

com/articles/2961/ About a century ago, there was no source of communication besides this century has seen dramatic changes and progress in communication sector. Written letters and cable-phones used to be accessible sources of communication. Voicemails, text messages, cellphones, internet, and computer have replaced


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