People Families often differ in economic, cultural, social

People have many ways ofdefining family and what people think of what it means to be a part of afamily. Merriam-Webster defines family as the basic unit in society traditionally consisting of twoparents rearing their children.

They also define family as a group ofindividuals living under one roof and usually under one head. Families oftendiffer in economic, cultural, social and many other assets. With deciding whatfamily means to a person, you need to know what makes a family, how friendscould be considered a part of somebodies family, and how pets can also beconsidered apart of someone family.After figuring out whata family may mean to a person, now you can figure out who makes a family.

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Atraditional family consists of a father, mother and children. An averagehousehold has about 2-3 children. Most people think that a traditional familyis considered a “TV Family.

”  In the 21stcentury family has varied since the 1950’s. Now, children are often raised in asingle parent household, by grandparents, siblings, guardians or by homosexualparents. Sometimes children don’t have to be conceive by the mother to saythere your kids, because some mothers cannot have kids and are force to adoptkids due to medical disorders.

So, a new definition can be made because a basicdefinition could be parents and children make a family, but there are plentypeople who think a group of friends could be family, as well as pets beingconsidered family.Many people consider friends to be as close or even closer than extendedfamily. When people lose family members especially if they were close to theperson, they turn to their friends to help comfort them through the roughtimes. With this, people may create a family filled with friends with similar interestand goals to replace the lacking family structure.

This family is considereduntraditional family structure but can be close or even closer than a traditionalfamily structure. When people choose their friends, they try to pick people whoare special or more important than family. Sometimes people consider theirfriends to be there second family or a home away from their home.

People also consider pets can as members of a family. With pets, theycan add a responsibility to a family. Pets can be a good comfort for familieswho cannot have children.

Pets can be a replacement and be loved as children.Most common pets people get are cats and dogs. Dogs are considered a “Man Bestfriend.

” Dogs and cats can be cared for as an additional family member bypeople and can be mourned like people when the animals passed away.In conclusion, rather than simply defining family by a dictionarydefinition, everyone should look to define a family by his own standards,enriching the dictionary’s definition. You can have several families in yourlifetime, even several families at once if you choose. Regardless of how youchoose to define your family unit, whether it is traditional or unique, yourdefinition is of the family unit that works for you. As the saying goes,”Family is what you make it.” Whether made of blood relatives,friends, or pets, or a combination of these, your family can offer you thesupport you need to thrive.


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