People no longer need the abstracted devices like

People no longer need the abstracted devices like calculators,
maps. As the use of such mechanism has become almost outmoded. Smartphones is
veritably a handled personal computer of Swiss Army knives. Apple when creating
the catchphrase, “There’s an app for that”, at that time Apple was not joking

There are many abilities that smartphones of all brands have,
and they can do a variety of tasks that possibly needed by the people. Games
and Social Media Platforms at the same time constantly top the app charts,
things which can definitely surprise you that your smartphones are proficient
of. So there is a list of things that you might not have known and your
smartphones could do.

Computerize any document: using apps like
CamScanner you can easily transform your phone into portable Scanner. As it’s
very hard to go out of your way to find Scanner facility in the market to make
documents scan, quite a burden if you don’t have a ready scanner available. Fortunately,
now there are apps available that allow you to take an image of any document,
and will then immediately convert it to a high-quality PDF or JPG file.



Mensuration of Height and Distance: Apps like
Smart Measure pro (Android) and Dot Measure (Apple) has made the life easier
for the people who were struggling while measuring things with measuring tapes.
Such apps are called Telemeter Apps which with the help of Smartphone’s Camera
are able to measure the Distance, Height, Width, and Area of the desired
object. By applying the mechanism of Mathematics (Trigonometry).


Computerize old negatives: Using apps likes Helmut
Film Scanner, you can easily design, view and computerize old film negatives
with the help of Smartphone’s camera and can also apply negative effects to the
images. Such apps use a unique code to cardinally convert color-correct


Greet using a postcard through Email: Apps like
MyPostcard do the efforts for you, as cut out the middleman. By using such apps
you can illustrate a card with an image and then send it from your smart device
(phone) to anywhere in the world. People usually like to receive a personalized
postcard on different occasions by their loved ones but the difficulty created
to send one inhibited many.


Make a Substitute Projector: you can definitely
covert you’re Screen into anything much bigger for that the things you need to
the make-do projector are old shoe box and a few office materials. By using
Smartphone’s camera you can create your own projector with the help of guidance
provided online.


Observe metal: by utilizing apps like Metal
Detector use can easily measure magnetic field levels. As many smartphones
included a magnetic sensor, so what you have to do is just to move your smart
device, so if the there is any metal nearby the magnetic field level will


Keep track of your heart rate: by using apps like
Instant Heart Rate you can check the accurate reading without any need for
external hardware. The procedure is that you have to put your fingertip on the
front of a camera lens for 10 seconds and then the real-time chart will be
shown by the app which will display everything about heartbeat’s rhythm and



Converse Pursuable images and snaps: Using apps
like Google Googles allows you to find data about images occupied with the help
of phone’s camera. By browsing the web many people know how to reverse image


Instantaneously covert foreign languages: By using
apps like Google Translate, as it has a free aspect, so you can easily use your
smart device’s camera to determine any printed words. Major languages like
French, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian are included in the
app. Helpful in elucidating foreign road signals and menus. So the app is very
exulting for people who want to travel or love traveling.


Design an expanded reality map on your windscreen:
with the help of the apps like HUDWAY, you can keep an eye on the road by
extruding a GPS-enabled map on the windscreen without any supplementary
materials. As it can be more disturbing rather than beneficent for drivers when
they have to progressively lamp down at their phone screen when using GPS to


Restraint your household lights: Now you can
easily find the better way rather than installing dimmers. The market has
introduced a variety of unique special bulbs which allows you to manage them
using app included on your smartphone. You can set light timers, dim then and
can also change the color of the bulb with a few taps.


Maintain Extraneous Safety: The app named bSafe
has to provide users the opportunities for additional safety when traveling
alone because location following is nothing new. The app works in the way that
it sends an SOS message to compulsion contacts while tracking your exact
location and record about the current situation in form of audio and video in
case of the alarming situation.




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