People we are becoming more and more

People are now beyond genius. We live in the time of innovation as a medium of almost each and every thing that we do. In the other word, technology makes us sluggish. It procrastinate us and does not sharpen our thinking skills even though it helps making things easier.

Right off the bat, technology somehow makes us to fat. It makes our life simple, easy and comfortable however it diminishes our physical movement which making us sluggish. These days, machines govern us. In each part of life we are becoming more and more dependent to the current machines and quit utilizing our body and mind. We can also say that technology influences human to become “blind”. It is said that strolling is the best exercise.

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In any case, these days we want to utilize the cars even to go to the next lane. We even use the lift or elevator to get to the higher or lower level of the structures or buildings. In addition, technology, particularly the internet certainly makes dawdling easier. At no other time has it been so easy to squander hours without acknowledging it.

Like surfing the web, talking with companions and playing the role of nearly everything. Likewise, technology is not a “tool” any longer, it turns into the “delayers”. Honestly, it makes human spending excessively their time on the internet, busy chatting with friends, overlooking of what should they have done than things that should be done later. Because the technology itself is so helpful and convenient, it can act as a medium in delaying things. People tend to create excuses from doing things that should be finished.

They trigger the excuses in light of the fact that the things that should be done is simple with the assistance of technology like making payment and billing or even shopping. Presently we can also do it on the web and make things were significantly more advantageous and convenient. Finally, technology does not sharpen our thinking aptitudes. Calculators, internet and computer are the sources of great help in reducing our thinking aptitudes as we depended absolutely on these innovations. For example, regardless of whether we need to add a couple of numbers or to do a small calculation we take out our calculators instead of using our brain.

Our parents can in any case take care of such issues in a jiffy without the help of a calculator. It is the reality that children these days exploit such technological inventions as the calculator to cover the work of mathematics, tells us that the children have diminished the utilization of mind or brain incredibly as compared with the children in the earlier years. Most of all, technology is replacing the need to think. Innovation attacking us by dumbing us down, and also being used to monitor everything we might do and words. It annihilated the requirement for us to utilize our brains for daily basics like math, spelling, and even telling. Spell check, calculators and digital readouts do simple task that used to be done by. This is surely dulled our basic aptitudes.

So, it is clear now that despite the fact that technology helps to make things less difficult however it makes us lazy as we become fat, procrastinate a lot and it dulled our basic abilities in life.


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