People we automatically alter the way is which

People are different and no two are the same, it needs to be taken into account and considered that we make sure the information that we are communicating is interpreted in the intended manor in which it is given.Areas which affect the effectiveness of this communication can have a massive part to do with the persons background as some gestures can be welcoming to someone of a particular background, but could be considered to be none friendly or offensive to someone of a different ethnic group and culture.We all have established communication with in different settings, altering the way in which we communicate depending on who we are talking to. Also the environment in which it is being delivered, often with out the realisation that we are altering our communication for each person we speak to.A ‘speech community’ is communication method which plays a big role within my job role of working as a healthcare assistant in the Outpatients setting. Making sure to establish appropriate communication with different individuals from different backgrounds and upbringings to make sure to up hold a promote respect/dignity and understanding of each persons needs.Speech community way of communicating is establish by all individuals and we automatically alter the way is which we speak to make sure it is suitable for purpose.


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