People time.The working coditions are bad, second health

frequently accuse capitalism of making life worse for the poor but like so many
other criticisms of capitalism and it is true. The role of capitalism is that it’s
an economic system which the governments plays a secondary role. Most of
descions are made by people and companies. The goods that are produced by companies
and then they are sold for a profit meaning the means of production are entirely
or even a large amount are owned by companies or individual. The capitalisms
effect on poor is that it gets blamed for a lot of things such as poverty and
inequality and unemployment. The laborers find it intolerable. The three
elements of capitalism are capital
accumulation, competition
and a price system but there is also a
4th element that is required as dedicatee for the first three to
make capitalism sustainable and that is growth. The most flawed compent is completion
because for captlism to work it requires a loser for every winner and this
results in making half the world to be mired in ridiculous man made poverty
even though captlism is not a economic system in the whole world but where it
is used results in really low poverty wages for some and really bad
unsustainable poor working condition. Captlism is not good for the poor because
that the rich keep getting richer, the poor keep getting poorer, and wealth is
concentrated in fewer and fewer hands with the passing of time.The working coditions are bad,  second health ,legal, education facilities in
quality beyond reach , and third the rich are succeeding and the poor are just
staying in poverty


The poor have to work in
poor working conditions and the have to suffer because the rich companies were
way to cheap to obey the rule and do the right thing and at they end they
disagree with everything that has happened.In bangledash the Tazreen Fashions factory a fire started on
the ground floor and was quckily spread and 110 people past way and hundereds
were injures.This should have not occurred but it happened because many doors
were locked and the companies never did any safety trainings and there were no
fire exits. The workers inside were terrified and some even jumped out of the
building onto a roof of a dormitory. Most of the windows had bars on them and the
scared and exhausted workers had to kick out at exhaust fans to be able to jump
still risking their life and five months after that again in Bangladesh a place
called the Rana Plaza an eight story building that housed many garment
factories collapsed and more then 1000 people had died. The Rana plaza only had
a permit for four. Now we go back to how did this happen ? why do the poor have
to face these conditions and whos should be responsible ? Its captilism because
of minimal government control the big companies can take control and make the
poor work in those conditions and Many workers can no longer afford medical
treatment after being forced into private enterprises and cut off the free
health care system once provided by state-owned enterprises. The poor are
exposed to dangerous and toxic chemicals In some factories, management keeps a
portion of the workers’ wages each month and in other cases retains the permits
and identity paper and practices that are illegal but that authorities turn a
blind eye to Without documentation workers cannot go back to their village,
change employment or even go into the street for fear of a police identity
check. Police periodically raid factories. Guest workers without permits are
thrown into detention centres, and subsequently deported is this really fair to
the poor is this really fair to the poor when the rich companies don’t have the
right to do that but they just don’t care and they end up finding a way out of


Next concern health of the
poor and educatipn  for the poor are
really unsustainable and bad.  Today the promotion and
maintenance of good health and the treatment and cure of ill people is divided
among three sectors which are private , public , and last is voluntary and in
most places with captlism the poor have to go with public if they have it or
private. The poorin urgent need of a serious operation ponder whether they can
afford it because the public hospitals can be booked so the poor have to go
private but at what cost the private sectors look at your capital to meet needs
that are expressed in economic terms and with the expectation of profit for the
providers. They will try to keep youy well and treat you good if you have the
money to pay for it , If you can’t pay you can wait for free or cheap treatment
because the economy needs fit workers, not unproductive ones. Captilism is
putting a price on everything even a poor persons life who has to work 3x
harder and get no health care included.  Capitalism is bad for your
health, especially if you are a worker. In employment you are likely to be
worried about the consequences of losing it. Even the education for a poor
persons kid does not get any better


Last concern that effects the poor is that the
rich keep getting richer but the poor keep on getting poorer. Many questions
arise like why is this happening ? How can this be changed ? Its not a easy to
be answered and this is a very complicated
question with a lot of underlying social and political causes but from a
economic pont of view here are some answers. First, the rich tend to educate
their children, and thier children in turn become very well off. in contrast
the poor tend to stay uneducated, which reduces their earnings and therefore
savings capacity. Second thing is and more important factor is that the people
that are very successful which means they are very rich do not really work,
their money works for them. The true definition of a capitalist is one who
provides capital , money  , land and
production. They run large companies unlike the poor who’s income is completely
derived from their labor, the rich earn interest on their money. The rich do
not simply have good incomes, they have WEALTH, and wealth is the lifesource
for remaining rich. In many ways the rich cant help but get richer, thats why
when the economy grows the ienquality in the economy tends to increase. Here is
a example to make this question or topic easy to understand with a real life
example. If im a person who is a captlist with 3,000,000 in stocks or my owned
companies not including my mansions or cars and the other things rich people have.Lets
say 5% conservative 5% rate of return on the investment of $3 million, I am
making $150,000 a year in interest and I make that without lifting a finger. The
poor on the other hand never develop enough wealth to ever break out. the
typical family in america has only around 50K in savings, think about that in a
place with poverty they have barley any savings if any by the time they retire
most americans consume their entire savings, leaving their heirs little or
nothing. And so the cycle goes on.


In conclusion these are
reasons why comunsim is not good for the poor. 


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