Penang South-East Asia has many rivalries. It has

Penang Mutiara being the most lavish hotels in South-East Asia has many rivalries. It has managed to establish itself in highly competitive environment. Their operation manager has selected a suitable quality strategical function which focuses on the service more than price. They always aim to furnish top quality services to their customers, and provide uniqueness to fulfill all the demands even if they are impossible sometime. The manager understands that by providing quality services they can keep their guests regular. To achieve this, they need to satisfy the needs of the customers and provide all they need and more by hiring the best, well-trained and mannered staff.

Also, providing a very cozy, comfortable and lush atmosphere plays very important role in the sustainability of guests. . For long term competition and development of business it needs to expand its branches all over Asia as the best and most luxurious hotels in the area to target High class people and politicians. The performance of the organization should be measured based on five operation adjectives mentioned in the case study that are speed, dependability, quality, flexibility and cost. Introducing new strategies should be implemented to enhance the currently existing strategies and rapid change in the internal operations considering the seasonal demand. Digital Supply Chains are the best to implement new strategies as they are based on technologies that enable increasing competitiveness.

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