Peace, always like that for the rapper.Growing up,

Peace, love, and positivity.

These three words are what the rapper Logic bases his ideas on. Starting as a young child in poverty and developing into an influential, top-selling artist, Logic has experienced some traumatic times. By projecting his messages through lyrics and songs, he connects his stories and experiences while relating to the millions of listeners all over the world.  Though his fame is on the rise, it was not always like that for the rapper.Growing up, Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, better known as Logic, faced many troubling times. Logic is the son of a black, drug addict father who was in and out of the house, and a white, mentally ill, alcoholic mother who was susceptible to abusive relationships.

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His mother was constantly screaming racial slurs at her biracial child as if he was nothing. While living in poverty in suburban Maryland, Logic and his family received only $150 a month for food and necessities. Logic has seven brothers and sisters including a few of them who sold crack to people in the neighborhood, including their own father. Logic had seen his mother get stabbed and raped by the men in her life. Later on, she even tried to choke him to death in attempt to let out her frustration that had been bottled up for so long. Logic had also seen his sisters being sexually assaulted and abused by man after man. Growing up the way Logic and many other children in poverty have grown up, only a few find themselves able to escape the dangers of the projects. Moving from foster home to foster home, or even living on the streets seems to be the reality to many of these children in poverty.

It can be so easy to conform to the hateful ways of the people they surround themselves with, but Logic made sure to learn from his childhood and work extra hard to escape it all. Logic tried to better himself by working in diners and shops, instead of getting involved in a gang or selling drugs like his siblings. While struggling with homelessness, and working job to job every day to support himself, Logic found his escape in music. Translating his emotions and experiences into words, Logic tells a story to his listeners. From being in those situations to experiencing what he has, it can be very hard to talk about, but he feels it needs to be said, so children and teens out in the world know they are not alone.

Logic has been called by his father saying that he does not appreciate him talking about him doing drugs and illegal activities in the media. However, Logic spreads the message in a positive way and shows that there are other options in times of need, instead of turning to drugs. Also, he saw how his sisters were treated by the men they associated themselves with, and Logic instantly knew that that was how nobody should be treated.To begin his career, Logic sang in a local restaurant that he worked in every day, along with his many other jobs. When he released his first mixtape, “Young, Broke & Infamous” Logic realized he could make something out of himself. Without music, Logic admits that he would, without a doubt, be dead, in jail, or become a drug addict. As Logic explained in an interview, “I used to have nothing to lose, so that’s why I would go as hard as I did — because I had nothing to lose and I had everything to gain,”(Edes). Spending all his time working on his music, he kept growing and growing.

As Logic became more popular, and his audience expanded, that is when he took full advantage of his platform. In his most recent album, titled “Everybody,” Logic discusses a list of topics, including mental health, domestic violence, racism, suicide, anxiety, acceptance, and much more. Logic admitted to his fans and viewers that he was terrified to make this album. While talking about controversial topics, Logic realizes that he can educate people and inform people while being supportive at the same time. He explained that if he did write songs like he did, then no other artist would. While writing the album, he wanted everybody to be able to relate, hence the album title Everybody.

As Logic talks about in an interview, he had experienced many things growing up, but he knew others had too so he wrote it for them: “I had written the script for the album, and I knew I wanted it to be from other people’s perspectives. But how could I write about other people’s fears if I didn’t have the courage to first address my own?” (Shipley). This is when his hit song “1-800-273-8255” came to light. In this song, they never actually mention the title, which is the phone number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, yet they ensure the listeners that somebody is always there when they need them. They also enact a call to the hotline, saying they feel like they are going crazy and out of control of their life.

The rapper, along with two other feature artists, get serious about suicide and encourage every listener out there to get help if they need it. The message was heard by many, as this song reached the top of the charts. Recently at the MTV Video Music Awards, Logic accompanied by the two feature artists, and fifty attempted suicide survivors, sent out a message to everybody watching, “We must fight for the equality of every man, woman, and child regardless of race, religion, color, creed and sexual orientation. So I say here and now if you believe in this message and my message of peace, love, positivity, and equality for all, I demand that you rise to your feet and applaud not only for yourselves but for the foundation we are laying for our children!” (Braboy). No matter who you are, Logic believes that everybody deserves to be treated as equals.Logic has undoubtedly proved that perseverance and hard work pay off in the end. From growing up in poverty with manic family members, to becoming an artist on the top of the charts, Logic has truly become one of the most significant rappers of 2017.

By spreading peace, love, and positivity through his music, Logic influences people to be accepting of others while reminding them they are important. What truly makes Logic stand out amongst other rappers in this modern day and age is his ability to speak to younger generations through his work. As he continues on his journey to success, he further paves the way for future artists.

With his dedication and prosperity, he is sure to revolutionize the music industry for decades to come.


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