Patanjali talk about it’s top products a

Patanjali products theme is of Ayurvedic/herbal. It has 4 business division:
• Food and beverages,
• Cosmetics and health,
• Health drinks
• Home care.

It earns most of it’s revenue from Dant Kanti, Kesh Kanti, Patanjali cow ghee and Aloe vera juice.
It’s customers are increasing almost exponentially.Baba Ramdev’s relaunch of Patanjali in 2014 made an impact. It has yet managed to keep the demand of its product super high in domestic market. Patanjali has therefore reworked on its distribution channels and its reach is now multifold from the point of its inception. Production has seen growth too, and it has now over 450 products in its portfolio.

Key success factor behind Patanjali’s growth are few products which became house hold name for masses.
Let’s talk about it’s top products a bit –
Cow’s Ghee
It is one uneven market where we have several unorganized players.
It’s revenue was Rs 1,467 crore for product Ghee. Patanjali gave direct competition to Amul, in the organized branded ghee market. The market share of ghee has captured approx 43%, according to market researcher Kantar World panel. Patanjali is one brand that has eveolved to have presence across country, leading reports said. It has the high share in Indian household ghee market than comes the other brand names like Amul, Krishna, Milma, Nandini and BRB.

Dant Kanti toothpaste
Revenue generation for Dantkanti toothpaste was Rs 942 crore (approx). The company claimed of its 15% (approx) market share by March end. As compared to 2015, the market shares of it’s rival and the market leader Colgate Palmolive India Ltd. and Dabur India Ltd. Colgate Palmolive which notched around 57.3% (approx), year 2016 showed a drop to 55.7% , the source comes from its investor presentation.

Ayurvedic medicines
Pantanjali surpassed this segment from its rival Dabur India by almost 4 times, revenue generation figure for this segment, ayurvedic medicines , was INR 872 approximately.

Keshkanti shampoo

In the shampoo segment albeit the market top notch HUL which has nearly 44 to 46 % share but Patanjali was able to generate a revenue of INR 830 crore. Around INR 16,300 crore (approx) was generated from personal care segment (soaps and shampoo and skin care products) by companies like Fair and Lovely, Lux and Sunslik


Compared to the close neck to neck competitors in the soap segment like Hindustan Unilever which dominated the market with their sensational product Lifebuoy, others like Nirma, ITC and Godrej Panatjali’s segment for herbal soap bagged revenue for INR 575 crore


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