Past Story: It was back in my early

Past Story:
It was back in my early high school days when I was first attracted towards the field of Science and Mathematics, the concepts explained always held in its trap and the inquisitiveness to know more about the scientific happenings around us always attracted me. This interest enabled me to score higher in the subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Maths all through my high school. In the Final year of high school, the score I received ranked me second in my school and 7th nationally in the country of Kuwait, with the highest score of 99/100 nationally in Mathematics, in the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Class XII Examination.
Through the journey in my high school I had developed a striking interest in Airplanes and Aerodynamics and the urge to know everything about it encouraged me to take up Mechanical Engineering in my undergraduate studies at National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal one of the prestigious college in India. Interestingly, this interest in aerodynamics also got me into the flying club of our college as well.
My passion for robotics was instilled during the second year of my college, by just observing the projects presented by my peers in this field. The idea that there existed so many fancy robots to perform any required tasks always seemed to amuse me. Having seen the various videos of working robots online, I decided to learn the theory and the mechanics behind those systems to try to understand what goes behind the making of these machines. The first time I got my hands dirty with electronics was when we had a mini-project in our course of Analysis and Design of Mechanical Components. The project was to design a system with a high speed rotating mass which had to be braked instantaneously just enough for the system to topple on its own, which was derived from the principle of the way a cubli (an autonomous system which balances on the edges of a cube) works. I worked on the speed control of a brushless DC (BLDC) motor along with a servomotor using an Arduino. This was the starting point of my inclination towards Mechatronics. All through my second year, I studied the concepts of control theory and various other concepts that govern an autonomous system. It was finally in the third year that we had a course in control systems, wherein I performed well with 9/10 grade.
In my third year, I worked on another project where we had to build three bots for the simulation of a mini smart city. In this project a miniaturized version of a city was built in the lab consisting of three moving bots and buildings, which were controlled autonomously. Also, my interest in Aerodynamics and Electronics encouraged me to completely design and manufacture an RC plane. In my final year as a part of my course I am currently researching on developing a material made of epoxy-based composites reinforced with a hybrid of natural fibre and glass fibres to process a light weight material for the application of an automobile bumper. We plan to compare the results obtained from mechanical testing with the actual materials used and prove the use of composites in the bumper beam application. I have also worked on some smaller projects, which involved the basic use of image processing, and Micro-controllers like controlling and balancing a ball on a platform.
In addition to the many projects, I got an opportunity to engage in research in a Micro-engineering laboratory at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) under the guidance of Prof. P.S.Gandhi. This was a wonderful experience for me wherein I got an opportunity to apply my knowledge of control systems through experimentation. I worked on a project, which involved designing a controller for a Double Parallelogram Complaint mechanism using the concept of Gain-Scheduling PID control. The mechanism I designed a controller for finds its application in Micro-3D printing and Micro-Milling. In addition, I was introduced to the advantages of complaint mechanisms and the various applications of these, as could be seen in the laboratory I worked in. The system was controlled using a D-Space controller, where the model made on Matlab/Simulink was fed and the corresponding response was recorded. This research opportunity solidified my interest in graduate school because I enjoyed the whole process of hypothesizing how to solve the problem given, researching and developing our solution to that problem, testing the solution, and presenting our findings.
As a first choice I plan to enrol in the Robotics/ Mechatronics field where I would like to use my knowledge in this topic to develop and research on the plethora of opportunities and projects put forth in this field and create solutions for mankind which are risk-free, easy to use and relatively cheaper in the long run. I think automation is the future of technology and slowly every system in this universe is bound to be under this trap, as apparent from the many advances in various fields. The ultimate goal for my career is to conduct research that makes an impact on society and improves the quality of life for other individuals.
Why this college?
I would like to continue my thirst for knowledge by pursuing my master’s degree in a prestigious university like “insert college name” which is highly ranked with many research facilities available for use. This master’s degree will give me the up-to-date tools and knowledge to be competitive and competent.


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