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There was a research that was done before regarding the susceptibility of independent books content on the university student’s behavior. it was carried out to analyze the alternative books content and the impacts on the university student’s behavior as well as the relationship between the two variables. The content of alternatives books include the sexually explicit content, violent content, sensitive issues, political content and the usage of broken languages in the writing. There were many researchers have been carried out regarding the impacts of independent films and music but rarely been done on independent books. This study was focused on the university students to explore more about their interest and behavior after reading the alternative books. The research included the background of publishing industry as whole and the publishing industry in Malaysia.  The research explained on the theory of cultural production. In conducting the culture can contribute radically to the growth of man power to enrich his life, regulate society and control the environment. Policies, laws, rules and regulations which touch about publishing in a country can be classified as publishing policies. Cultural components are as important as commercial components in cultural products production. The culture product refers to the alternatives and indie books published in Malaysia which has raised certain issues regarding its content. It includes the usage of harsh words, broken language and poor editing.  This study was carried out at UiTM Shah Alam and the respondents came from the same faculty which is the Communication and Media Faculty. It used purposive sampling when the unit was selected on the basis of researcher judgment about whether that person would be useful and has prior experience and knowledge. There were 100 students were chosen to answer the questionnaires that was consisted of part A, B, C and D.  On the discussion, there were 54% of respondents were interested in reading alternative books and they are familiar with those books. it can be assumed that they are exposed with this type of books that has become a trend recently. 44% of them read 3 to 5 alternative books a year, 31% read more than 5 books and the rest read at least 1 per year. It can be concluded that quite a lot of people chose alternative books as their reading materials. The majority of the respondents agreed that the alternative books used broken language in the writing. The books are known as using inappropriate and harsh words, usage of poor grammar and dialect that did not meet the standardization of writing. They also agreed that most alternative books are poorly edited to be compared to the mainstream books that go through the process of editing and proofreading. Elements such as extreme violence were also there located in the books. Violent is one of the mostly used themes in the books which featured bloody, aggressive and psychotic characters. Sensitive issue regarding transsexual and transgender are described in details as. Sexual content include nudity and sex are mostly found in the books.  In term of the impacts given to the university student’s behavior, the respondent agreed that they tend to use harsh words in their daily life conversation with people after reading alternatives books. The book may have influenced them through the usage of bad works in the text. The respondents agreed that the sexual content in the books might influence people to do free sex and gave the same impact as watching it. The discussion regarding issue such as transgender might change their perception and brainwash their mind. As the conclusion, alternative books have its uniqueness and fresh idea. But it seems that they are ringing more harm rather than educating people. Those authors were using alternative books as a medium to express their thoughts and opinions about issues that will not be discussed in the mainstream books. People tend to be influenced from the explicit content in the books such as violent, sensitive and political issues.


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