PART plan and chose to go Business Studies.

PART 1 – Introduction: AboutYourself  My name is Amanda, seventeen turningeighteen this year.

I am a creative, honest and detailed person. I usually overthinkand daydream often, and also love to plan things beforehand. Therefore, Ithought the plans for my future prospects were quite clear. When I was in mySecondary Three Year, I was quite sure that I wanted to go to a Junior College.Being in the same competitive and sheltered all-girls school for 10 years –Methodist Girls’ School, made me develop a slight elitist mindset. This isbecause 90% of the students would end up and top JCs and barely anyone chose togo to polytechnics.

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My school never really helped in guiding us to choose aschool for tertiary education because it was assumed that most girls would endup in Anglo Chinese Junior College. Therefore, ACJC was my initial goal.However, as I got nearer to the NationalExam, I stated having thoughts about starting up my own business in the foodand beverage industry – A café. This is because I have a passion for cookingand baking ever since my helper taught me some recipes and skills in PrimarySchool. I constantly thought about the foods and pastries I would sell, such aspasta, pies, macarons and brownies. even planned the colour scheme and layoutthat I wanted for my café, modern and rustic. However, I felt that going to aPolytechnic would have disappointed my parents, especially since my Brotherused to take IB in a top-tier school and I did not want to constantly getcompared to him. When I got back my O Level results, I justreach the cut off for ACJC, but was still below average in my cohort.

When Ibrought up the idea of going to a Poly, my Father was quite adamant, but myMother supported me. I decided to leave things to God’s plan and chose to goBusiness Studies.It isno wonder that my RIASEC scoreshowed that Enterprising was the highest in terms of interests. Enterprisingrelates to work that has to do with starting up and carrying out businessprojects, in this case starting up a café business.

Mysecond highest interest (RAISEC) is investigative. This relates topeople who would rather think than do physical activities, like to search forfacts and figure out problems. My SkillsInventory test also ranked human relations the highest at 72% and communication skills at 62%, becoming my secondhighest skill.  PART 2 – Your Preferred JobIjoined Business Studies to become and entrepreneur and was sure I wanted tospecialise in entrepreneurship in Year 3. However, after studying some modulesI realised that the chance of becoming an entrepreneur and start a successfulbusiness may be very low. In my second semester, one of my modules was BusinessLaw. Learning about civil and criminal law sparked my interest that I had whenI was in Primary school, of becoming a lawyer.Therefore,in line with my investigative nature, I have chosen a Lawyer as my preferredjob.

This belongs to the job industry of Law. The roles and responsibilities ofa lawyer is being an advocate,advisor, and counsellor to the clients you represent, usually concentrating oncriminal or civil law. They also draw up legal documents and manage oradvise clients on legal transactions.  Thequalifications to become a lawyer is firstly, getting a bachelor’s degree ofLaw programme in either NUS (National University of Singapore) or SMU(Singapore Management University). Next, one would need to pass the barexaminations as well as take a 5-month practical law course, only then will youobtain a license to practice.Theskills required for this job would be that of active listening, readingcomprehension, critical thinking, speaking, and writing.

I need to be able tounderstand fully what clients mention, simultaneously taking down notes andensure that I do not misunderstand the clients. I must also have attention todetail and persuasiveness. As a lawyer, I would need to investigate and thinkfast and critically to solve potential issues. My writing abilities should alsobe good to a certain extent so as to be able to write concise reports that canclearly represent my stand. Someother important attributes that a lawyer should have is the ability to reasondeductively, good judgement and communication skills, perseverance and honestyand integrity.

In addition, auditors also need to be able to maintain goodrelationships, because they need to be able to advice their clients withoutoffending them.  An example of a recent job from JobStreet is pictured below :                  Thisjob posting clearly states the requirements of practising as a Lawyer. Itincludes having competent use of Microsoft office, which I have learnt throughsome of my modules and be able to work under pressure and being flexible andhandle stressful situations professionally. The salary ranges from SGD $4000 – $5000,but requires at least 2 years of working experience in the related field.Thereason for my choice of a Lawyer, is because I feel that this job suits mypersonality and interests best. It is also a career that provides stability andis quite consistent.

As a very people person, I would also like to speak up forpeople without a voice. Being a Lawyer has the interests AI, under RAISEC,which is also very similar to my personal interests. Therefore, these reasonshave furthered my interest in being a Lawyer. PART 3 – Course Structure andModulesMycourse in Ngee Ann does not directly relate to my preferred job but does teachsome modules that will aid me. Some useless modules would be Business Law,Business Communications, Organisational behaviour, Decision SupportApplications, Customer Service Excellence and Innova. Firstly,Business Law, for obvious reasons, has taught me the basics of Law such as thefundamental law concepts such as what constitutes a company, classification ofcompanies and directors’ duties and liabilities. This will give me a slighthead start in the future when I am studying for these.

Therefore, this BusinessLaw module has given me a slight stepping stone towards being a lawyer.Secondly,Business Communications and Organisational Behaviour will also be very useful.These modules have taught me better communication skills and ways say mymessage to make it sound more persuasive. Effective communication is essentialfor getting the right message across in the right way.  Third,Decision Support Application has taught me the basics of Microsoft Excel whichwill help in handling finances and can easily point out any problems. It is avaluable tool in the business world and can help by organising large amounts ofdata.Next, CustomerService Excellence has taught me ways to deal with different types of customer,in my case, the different clients based on their personality.

It has alsotaught me ways to recover from any service breakdowns, in the event of anyproblems.Lastly,my Interdisciplinary Studies Module – Innova has helped me think outside thebox and stretch my imagination to think of creative ways to solve things. Theseways include many non-conventional ways that may be more effective than the usualways to do things.  PART 4 – CCAs and EnrichmentActivitiesI amcurrently not in any CCA in Ngee Ann, but I was thinking or BA Envoys orrecreational Ultimate Frisbee in Year 2.

BAEnvoys facilitate events organised for the School of BA such as the annual OpenHouse and BA camps. BA Envoys offersa myriad of opportunities to develop soft skills such as public speaking,marketing and leadership. They also help to hone our interpersonal skill andoffer many opportunities to promote BA. By helping out in events, it will helpme improve my people skills and also get to know more people around me. Next,ultimate frisbee will also help to sharpen my leadership skills and teamwork.By playing frisbee regular and being in a team, it will teach the value of honestyas well as good work ethic and perseverance.

An activity within the school that I canparticipate include the Business and Accountancy Orientation Camp (BAOC). If Iam selected to be a Group Leader for the camp, it will improve my leadershipskills and public speaking. This will teach me to become more confident as Iwould have to voice my own opinions and also act as a good role model to thefreshmen coming in this year.An enrichment activity would be serving in mychurch, New Creation Church. Although I have not been serving recently due toother commitments, I used to serve by welcoming and ushering people to theirseats. I would also help by giving out Holy Communion every once a month. Ihope that I can start serving again soon as it really helped boost myself-confidence. I used to be very shy and introverted, however after servingin the ministry, I became more outgoing and bubbly.

Another enrichment activity would be workingpart-time. For some time, I have been wanting to work at Sephora as a temporarystaff. It would definitely teach me to be a better multi-tasker, more patientand mindful of the customers as well as being adaptable to any changes. Meetingmany people each day will teach me how to handle different situations, be itpositive or negative. This will also allow me to be a better group member andbe more responsible with my commitments.   PART 5 – Continuing Educationand Lifelong Learning I amsure that I would want to go to a University to continue my education aftergraduating from Ngee Ann Polytechnic. I would want to pursue a bachelor’sdegree of Law.

The places that offer a Law degree is NUS (National Universityof Singapore) or SMU (Singapore Management University). I would need a minimumGPA of 3.80 and 3.70 for NUS and SMU respectively. However, this is only basedon previous years and may be subject to changes.

In the Faculty of Law, thereare only about 227 places for NUS and 170 for SMU.To me,a university degree is very important, because it gives me a good standing inmy career and is a pre-requisite to a higher pay. Even though I know thatgrades and paper certificates are not the most important, but rather our skillsand personalities. I will still strive for a GPA that is good enough to havethe chance to choose where I want to go, and not be chosen. Henceforth, I willput in the required effort to ensure that my grades are good. Otherlifelong learning skills may include going for courses that will help me improvethe skills that I currently have. As I am not an IT-savvy person, I may want totake a computer course to become better prepared for the future since technologyis becoming more evident in our generation.

Even though technology may seemeasy now, it will get even more complex and harder for me to comprehend when I becomeget even older. Learning it now will allow me to be better equipped for thefuture. Other courses include a more in-depth learning of other computer skillssuch as Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Excel. 


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