Part II


is Nepotism? Nepotism is nothing but a favoritism based on kinship. There are
many types of nepotism to be discussed in this case study.

Parties involved and
their responsibilities:

1.     BOSS: The responsibility of Boss has
a vital role in the company/organization. Bosses have a great deal of
responsibility to lead, manage, motivate and inspire his/her team members.

2.     Team Members: Group of people responsible
to deliver the project on time. They do report their work or assignment to
their respective manager.

3.     Hiring Department: HR team provides
human resources to the organization. HR department is responsible to hire
candidates based on their merit.

Ethical Issue and
relevant situations:


work place, if higher authorities support his/her favorite employee and support
them even if their mistakes impact on high level leads to unequal treatment.

This unequal treatment impacts on other employees as well in the team. This is
a fairness or Justice approach where both discrimination and favoritism are

consider a situation of one of the Indian-based IT companies which is Sathyam
Camputers. Founder of Sathyam company Mr. Ramalinga Raju, recruited resources
from the organization which are owned by his own sons. This leads to a great
loss of 55% in shares and investors had a great loss. In this situation not
only work environment gets affected but also morale of employee gets impacted.

nepotism at any situation creates a major damage to culture of company policies.

Nepotism at higher management will greatly spoil the company’s reputation.





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