Paranormal – if authentic – violate basic

Paranormal beliefs are the views that people held regarding to the occurrence of the events which are not scientifically explainable, such as ghosts, witchcrafts, superstitions, spirit possession, and astrology etc.

Paranormal term is used to describe phenomena, which – if authentic – violate basic restrictive principles of science (Broad, 1949; Tobayck, 1995). According to Erich Goode(2000) paranormal beliefs tend to recognize the differences and conflicts that occurs between paranormalism and science. Paranormal thinking or beliefs does not accept uniformitarianism, which is that all the forces which operates in the universe tends to operate in the same manner all over time. Paranormalist are concerned with the view that “anything is possible”, a statement which is definitely rejected by science.

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Scientists attempt to structure there hypothesis in such a way that they can be falsified , while paranormalists are less concerned with this restriction.


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