“Mother, a selection of animals from India but

“Mother, today there is a nice programme on the TV, and I have finished my homework, and all that our teacher had taught in the school. Mummy, even you have tested my ability in my studies. I want some entertainment now. Will you please permit me to go to the neighbors’ to watch it? I will surely return, as soon as the programme is over. And I shall also help you with your household chores.


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Your class is going to the Zoo which you have seen many times. Your mother objects to that. Convince her. My mother is objecting to my trip to the zoo but I am very keen on going. I have always liked going there and it is a place that I find interesting.

I love animals and the zoo offers me the opportunity to see so many of them in flesh and blood. Where else can one see such a wide variety of animals in one place? Where can one get to see not only a selection of animals from India but from all over the world? A trip to the zoo is always so educational and informative. Besides, all my friends are also going and we expect to have a good, enjoyable day there.

3. Accident

Imagine you are a reporter with a newspaper.

Write in about 80 words an account of a road accident to be published in the newspaper. Shimla Oct. 10 (Staff Reporter). Two persons were killed and twelve injured some of them seriously, when a tourist bus rolled down into a gorge, yesterday. The injured were rushed to the hospital, where eight were given first-aid, before being discharged.

Four have been admitted. The bus was on its way from Solan to Shimla, then the driver lost control. On information, the police reached the spot with a medical team. During rescue operations, the driver was caught and arrested. Write a paragraph in about 100 words, on any one of the following: (a) Attending School is Fun (b) A Spoilt Child (c) Luxuries of Life (d) It is Either Imitation or Adulteration

4. Attending School is Fun

When my school closes for long vacations, I feel very sad. I have a set pattern of life.

Whatever I read I share with my friends and classmates. I play field games also. I do not like a change of place, or a change of venue.

Playing by the same net, in volley ball or badminton court is enjoyed by me. I also love the school garden and the library. Swimming in the pool with team­mates is an added pleasure. That is why I am not able to understand why truants dislike attending school, which is quite fun.

5. A Spoilt Child

Rohit is weak in Mathematics.

That is why he does not follow Physics and Chemistry. The result is that he runs away from these classes and whiles away time in the canteen sipping Coke, eating ice creams, sandwiches etc. Last time, after the test, he did net return his Progress Report, as he could not show it to his parents, for he had failed miserably in all the subjects except English. He quarrels in the school as he thinks too much of himself and does not tolerate anything about him, which is unpleasant.

He is, in fact, a spoilt child.


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