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Pap returned to find Huck so that he could take his money from him. Huck was beaten for sometime when he was staying with his father until he faked his death. His father always got drunk and beat him for no reason. While Huck was out in the forest with a slave, Buck was killed by a member of the Grangerfords. After, Huck tried to rescue Jim, while risking his life to take Jim away with them.  From the start, Jim lives a life in a role of a slave. Jim is fulfilled until he hears his owner, Mrs. Watson, talking about selling him. Jim becomes alarmed, runs away and turns into a runaway slave. Through his journey down the Mississippi river the only that crosses his mind was the fear of being caught. When Huck describes Jim’s feelings about freedom, he says, “Jim said it made him all over trembly and feverish to be so close to freedom”. Jim’s joy is demonstrated in plenty of  actions about being free. As Huck goes in depth, “Jim was fidgeting up and down past me. We neither of us could keep still. Every time he danced around and says, “Dah’s Cairo!”Jim’s motivation for freedom is completely obvious. Jim’s happiness hinders through all of his goals in life. The only way Jim can achieve happiness is with being able to be free. Freedom for Jim means escape from being ruled and releases him from being controlled.  Huck is forced to live with Widow Douglas. Huck describes the experience by stating, “She took me… allowed she would sivilize me; but it was rough living in the house all the time … I wanted to smoke, and asked the widow to let me. But she wouldn’t. She said… I must try to not do it any more”. Huck is civilized by Miss Watson as well. This enslaves him and leads him to make a decision that he needs to locate himself as far away from a society as possible. When he fakes his death then runs away, Huck crosses path with a runaway slave named Jim but they stay together and protect one another. For instance, when a couple of men on a canoe floated near Huck and Jim, Huck protected Jim by telling the men that his father was sick with pox when it was actually Jim. The men asked if there were any blacks that he had seen and Huck replied while lying saying he hadn’t. The idea of Huck being controlled by society influences him throughout the book. For example, he thinks that turning Jim in is the right thing to do because he is wrong to steal. Even though, Huck shouldn’t turn him in due to Jim being tortured and enslaved. Huck explains what his perspectives on staying with Widow was by stating, “But it was rough living in a house all the time…and so when I couldn’t stand it no longer, I lit out. I got into my old rags, and my sugar-hogshead again, and was free and satisfied”. Huck’s outlook on life is continuously being restricted. Huck’s portrayal of freedom is within his home by once having a civilized life but while having his civilized life, Huck was controlled and beaten by his father, a drunk and child abuser.. As an adventurous little boy, the way of life in the house serves as being captive. Huck was always taught from everyone that slavery was right. Huck’s goals are to get away from a controlling life and leads to an unrestricted life. All of the goals that Huck accomplishes are for his pure happiness. An important similarity are both views of freedom are twisted with Huck and Jim escaping from all of society. Miss Watson’s roles in civilizing Huck are demonstrated when he mentions, “Don’t put your feet up there, Huckleberry; and don’t scrunch up like that, Huckleberry, set up straight”. Jim’s unhappiness is from society not treating him equally due to him being black then white people being treated completely different. These experiences can harshly scare someone. Freedom is something that changes a life from being happy to more comfortable. Although Jim had his freedom taken away from him, he escapes and continuously  shows a positive representation for himself even when his freedom was gone. Who knows, Jim doesn’t have to has his freedom taken away forever, just until slavery was ended. No one knew when it was going to end. It could have taken days, months or even years. Jim just had to take one day at a time and see where life took him. Jim, as innocent as can be, is a man of no crime. He has had his freedom taken away for no reason besides the fact that he is black. Jim is a fantastic example of losing freedom. “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” has provoked many debates involving racism. This novel shows the hardships between blacks and whites and all the ugliness and pain that racism brings upon. The book of Huckleberry Finn shows situations like racism to bring a greater understanding of the concept but not to bring racism into the novel. At the beginning of the novel, Huck drags himself into racial stereotypes by not turning Jim in for running away, given that he has a legal obligation to. As Huck gets to know Jim better, Huck will befriend him. Huck realizes that he and Jim are alike due to being a human beings who loves and gets hurt. Racism is why there’s tons of conflicts in the world, “Why, they said he couldn’t be sold till he had been in the state six months, and he hadn’t been there that long yet”. It describes the aspect of color of freedom. By the end of the novel, Huck would rather protect Jim from his society by saying “I’d rather go to Hell” than let his friend be a slave again.  Rescuing Jim is dangerous decision for Huck because he is leaving the safe environment. The place that Aunt Sally constructs for Huck is a safe community. In order for Jim to remain free, it was essential for them to keep their papers on hand at all times. This was due to the mobs constantly forming people who were against kidnapping, enslaving, and killing all the blacks.Freedom serves as a concept for Jim and Huck. Their freedom is a form of  happiness to be set back into a normal society without slavery, or racism. In the end of the novel, freedom meant everything to them and it’s what both of them strived for.  


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