Page brother, got involved with the abolitionist

Page 1Page 2Angelina GrimkeBorn on February 20, 1805, in Charleston, South Carolina Sarah GrimkeBorn on November 26, 1792, in Charleston, South CarolinaPage 3Background InfoLived in a rich South Carolina family which owned a huge farm that grew rice and cotton. The family owned many slaves to help with work around the farm and house. Just like her other 5 siblings, Sarah had a nursemaid, which was a special slave that was her special servant and her playmate. When Sarah’s playmate passed away, she told her parents she didn’t want another companion. Then her sister, Angelina Grimke was born, Sarah became her godmother. Sarah worked at a bible church and was teaching a miad how to read, and then later was punished. The maid was whipped. When Angelina was old enough to attend the school, she became horrified at the whipped boys and girls.

Page 4Moving Back and ForthSarah went with her father, Judge Grimke, to Philadelphia when he was sick and seeking for help. After her dad died in Philadelphia, Sarah stayed for a few months and adapted to the new environment. The Northern culture made Sarah look at things in different ways. She met some Quakers and read books by John Woolman. After reading these books, she considered joining Society of Friends, where women could be leaders and people could oppose slavery. She went make home to confirm with her mother her move to Philadelphia, only to find her mother opposing. She didn’t take her mother’s opinion and decided to move, and Angelina followed her footsteps.

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Angelina decided to convert others in Charleston, where she lived with her mother. When she gave up at this, she joined her sister in Philadelphia. The two sisters worked together even when the churches and schools denied them.

Page 5Marriage and DeathAngelina became engaged, and then her husband died. Sarah refused a proposal. Soon after, their brother Thomas died. Thomas was in the American Colonization Society, a society where people bought slaves and then sent them back to Africa. Page 6Protesting Against SlaveryBoth sisters being influenced by their brother, got involved with the abolitionist movement. The two sister became a part of the American Anti-Slavery Society.

Along with this, they worked in an organization which boycotted food produced by slave labor. On August 30, 1835, Angelina wrote a letter to William Lloyd Garrison, the leader of the abolitionist project. In the letter she wrote about the anti-slavery effort. The letter was soon published without permission by Garrison, and the letter was “widely reprinted” according to ThoughtCo. The Quakers in Philadelphia were hesitant at the idea of women taking charge so the Grimké’s moved to Rhode Island, where Quakers were more pliable at the thought of women’s activism.

Last PageAngelina Grimke- Died on October 26, 1979, in Hyde Park, Boston, MassachusettsSarah Grimke- Died on December 23, 1873, in Hyde Park, Boston, Massachusetts.Citations


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