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Page 1 of 4ZOOMBrandon CramerThe Computer Science field is a wide and diverse field of study that is growing and growing at an exponential rate, being key to the future of research, creation, and improvement to our lives in various ways. Such as: video games, medicine, enhancements, construction, and much more; the focus for this paper will be on the field of computer programming and their careers. The most important things to ask when tackling this field is: How to become one, what do they do, and what is the future of this field.

All those will be covered and talked about to truly understand this complex and growing platform. As within the next decade can give way to a huge surge in the need of those capable of coding and programming skills. Companies needing more of these sought-after skills, showing potential for all those interested in this field and possible degrees as well.Firstly, how to become one is a broad question to ask and something that is a very important thing to know and understand.

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Most computer programmers have a bachelor’s degree; however, some employers hire workers who have other degrees or experience in specific programming languages.” (Bureau of Labor Statistics , 2017). This is key as a degree will help those looking in the field to get their foot in the door rather than just having experience instead of schooling.

This being the case, almost all programmers must be versed in major languages such as JAVA or C++ to be sought after for hire. Although it is greatly appreciated to having a degree, experience and degrees in specific languages are also valued and considered for a position. Making the chance of opportunity greater through means such as certifications and internships.Certifications in specific languages (ex. JAVA/C++) and experience with them sometimes are valued more than those who have no experience but a degree (although rare). Another thing to be considered is the important qualities one must have in order to be successful and valuable to employers. Such as being analytical, and being very detail oriented as these skills are what makes programmers effective in their craft of fixing and creating code and other various tasks.

Those skills help programmers lessen errors and increase productivity when fixing programs or creating new ones. Another thing to be aware of is that some companies require their employees to be certified in whatever is required to be used in their daily jobs. As well as keeping up with developments in newer languages and staying educated in the field.Secondly, the real question that many wonder is what do they do? To understand this, we must know that the job of a programmer is a large variety of things depending on the employer or company. Just some of the thing they do can involve, “Develop, test, and implement computer programs on multiple computer/operating system platforms” or “Integrate new functionality into existing applications” (McKay, 2017). These are very important things that programmers are expected to do and to be effective in doing/completing.

These responsibilities are essential to be carried out when tasked by their employers or managers, and the ability to accomplish them is key for successful programs and bug fixes. Not only that, but the importance of their jobs can be the difference between a successful program being launched or a breach in security due to an accidental easy access backdoor left behind.When it comes to updating and expanding already existing programs for a company, programmers are exactly the people for the job. Their responsibilities are just that, as being able to repair and expand on existing code and programs are major benefits for companies and businesses. Without the need to rewrite and create a whole new program, programmers only need to focus on improvements and bug fixes to already tailored programs.

This makes it highly cost-efficient for companies looking to improve or change their already in place programs; as man power and time are Brandon Cramerthings to be carefully spent. With that said, often times programmers aren’t generally working face to face with others unless required to by the need of a project team or necessary collaboration. Making the job of programing very self-reliant often times, and essential to have the ability to work alone and still be effective.Finally, and maybe the most important is; what is the future of programming? This being a highly debated topic in the world of jobs and future industry. In 2016, the median pay for computer programming was $79,840 annually according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In some cases, the pay can reach higher than 130K annually, this looking like a good occupation and outcome for the future. Although, according to statistics within the next decade; computer programmers will decline 8% due to potential outsourcing (Dishman, 2016).

This may sound scary for those pursuing jobs in this field but there is hope, as there was as many as 7 million job openings in 2015 that required coding skills also found in the same article. This is something to be aware of, as this is only conveying more importance for understanding code and being effective in the field to compete against other potential job seekers. this graph to the left illustrates the medians in the month of May 2016. As seen, the median is $79,840. With the top 10% reaching above 130K and lowest being $45,570 at the bottom 10%As said before, there seems to be a predicted decline in jobs in that field.

Though it may seem worrying, many sources have said that the cost of outsourcing and the accuracy and communication cost and barriers will outweigh the benefits. What I mean by that is, outsourcing this field of work is a hassle to many companies and the room for error when doing this is much greater than other types of work that don’t involve this level of accuracy and attention. This only supports the workforce to be within the states, especially for very large companies that originated in the US. Dishman also states, “They also found that programming jobs overall are growing 12% faster than the market average” this is good news as technology and programs will only evolve and increase, meaning the positions will too. Companies who do outsource are also said to start returning to the states, why is this. Again, the cost of outsourcing often isn’t a large enough benefit for the chance of error if left to other third-party branches that may have barriers to progress.

Things could include: Language, programming knowledge, errors, etc. and all these things are only amplified when talking about the computer science field and Brandon Cramermore specifically, programming. As many also agree with this, the errors and other mishaps can cause huge backfires to companies and their image if programs are launched with a huge error or if bug fixes only create more and worse bugs.In conclusion, Computer programming is a large industry that is continuously evolving and growing. The industry offers many benefits, but requires very precise work and even more precise detail and attention to very small possible errors that can affect a system program as a whole.

Jobs in this field are growing and can potentially thrive even further with future advancements and higher need for skills in this field. Education overall is a very important thing in this field, but knowledge of the material and experience handling them are also greatly valued by companies. Making this a very unique job in this aspect as the learning never stops, staying up to date with languages and improvements is mandatory for staying relevant.Brandon CramerReferencesBureau of Labor Statistics .

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