P4 adreno corticotropic hormone, stimulating the adrenal glands

P4 – Part C – Human Regulation AndReproduction   Outline organisationof endocrine system :Hormones are produced and secreted by the glands that makeup the endocrine system. These hormones regulate the cells. Outline functions ofendocrine system :Hormones regulate the bodies growth Pituitary Gland :A tiny organ found in the brain and is the master gland ofthe human body.Hypothalamus:Contains a small nuclie with a variety of functions.

Linksthe nervous system and the endocrine system. Thyroid :A endocrine gland located in the neck. It produces twohormones that are secreted in the blood.

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Parathyroid glands :They are four tiny glands located in the neck where itcontrols the calcium in the body.Pancreas :A large gland located behind the stomach Adrenal medulla :Secretes hormones. This is where the amino acids areconverted. Adrenal cortex:Found in the outer part of the gland. It produces hormonesthat regulates metabolism.

Gonads:Is an organ that produces gametes. It also known as the testiclefound on the male body.Placenta:During pregnancy this organ is produced in the uterus. Itprovides oxygen to the baby.Pineal:Is a gland found in the brain , it produces a hormone calledmelatonin which modulates sleeping patterns. Gastrointestinaltract:Also known as the digestion tract. The food is digested andnutrients and energy is absorbed , the digest tract then gets rid of the wastein the form of faeces.Characteristics ofhormones :Endocrine cells secrete hormones.

They are chemicalmessengers. Principal hormonesproduced by each gland:Anterior pituitary gland produces adreno corticotropichormone, stimulating the adrenal glands secreting hormone. Stress hormone andtheir response:Its when the hormone levels start to vary.Fight or flightresponse:Also known as the acute stress response. It is apsychological reaction.

Malfunction ofendocrine system:The endocrine system influences how the heart beats and howthe bones and the tissue grow.Goitre Cushing’s syndrome:Occurs when there is a high level of cortisol into theexposed body tissue.Diabetes mellitus:Also known as type 1 diabetes. This occurs when the body isnot producing enough insulin that controls the blood glucose levels.

Pituitary dwarfism:Is when there is a growth hormone deficiency due to notenough growth hormones are being produced. Measurement ofendocrine function :The levels of basal circulating hormones are measured.


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