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s2 {font-kerning: none; color: #232323; -webkit-text-stroke: 0px #232323}Social development is crucial in a child’s development, yet many parents take it for granted. They concentrate on physical growth, language and speech development. Social development is the process by which children develop their ability to interact with the other children and adults, (Bell, & Wolfe, 2004).

Children gain skills to communicate, handle conflict with their peers, and develop friendship with the other children. Social development is essential to a child since it helps him or her learn new words. It also helps a child to learn skills on how to stand up for themselves and avoid influence of any kind.

Socially developed children are in a better position to take part in extra-curricular activities and avoid bullying behaviors in school. More importantly, social development helps a child to build self-esteem, which is the most crucial factor in a person’s life. Children are fast learners in everything, be it speech or how to express their emotions, (Denham, 2003). As they go through adolescent, their feelings and emotions become more imminent.

The environment a child grows in has a huge impact on their adulthood. Some parents raise their children in a calm environment while others raise them in an adverse environment. Parents are not usually selective on the kind of media they expose their children to. Some watch violent movies with their children, not knowing the kind of damage it causes to them. Others do not select the cartoon movies to play for their children, and they end up exposing their children to violent cartoons such as the Batman.

Violence affects how children act, feel and think. The following are the effects violent media cause on the cognitive behavior as well as social/emotional development.First, children begin to imitate the violent actions they see in the media. Observation is one of the significant ways in which children learn new behaviors, and violence is not an exception.

Children tend to practice violence with their peers, either in school or around the home environment. They become so aggressive, and with time, it becomes hard to contain their behavior, (Anderson, et al., 2010). Moreover, exposure to violence makes the children to have violent thoughts, aggressive feelings and perceives everyone as hostile. They develop the mentality that vigorous activities are beneficial and there is no harm in trying them out.

In the long run, children at their adolescence develop a positive attitude towards violence and aggressive ways of solving conflicts.Violent media makes children create a mentality of a mean world, (Anderson, et al., 2003). Violent cartoons and drama instill the thought of a dangerous world that is not safe for humanity.

They become afraid of walking outside the house on their own in fear of becoming victims of violence. Such children always lock themselves in the house because according to them, it is the only safe place in the world. They treat everyone with suspicion, even the people who are harmless.

Instilling fear in children is so harmful to their health, especially the fear of the unknown.Desensitization results from continued exposure to violent media. Children in this situation are less aroused psychologically by violent acts, (Krahé, et al., 2011). They will not be moved by pain and suffering of others since to them it’s not anything strange.

They become emotionless and not scared of anything. Someone who does not emotions is very dangerous since he or she is capable of anything. For instance, a child who is used to violent media will not help anyone who is undergoing physical abuse. They will just stand and watch people injuring each other without taking any action.Furthermore, children begin to have nightmares of violent scenes, (Browne, & Hamilton-Giachritsis, 2005). A dream is a picture of what in mind and the only thing in the minds of children who are exposed to violent movies is violence. They cannot have enough sleep because of frequent nightmares.

In addition, they might develop anxiety disorder, following the lack of enough sleep. They become emotionally disturbed and in the long run develop mental illness. They develop abnormal behaviors that scare away the other children and finally get isolated by their peers. Moreover, violent movies can be of benefits to the children. It inspires children to become policemen in future. Some of these violent movies have corps as the main characters who protect people from the enemy.

A child may develop interest in the defense force in future. However, gangster organizations are formed by children who are exposed to violence. Since they are not afraid of violence and also they always strive to become the violent people they see in the media; they will not hesitate to join gangsters.  To sum up, parents should learn to take their parenting duties seriously.

They need to determine what is best for their children. The small things that happen around children affect their future. Children learn very fast, and they tend to imitate everything they see. They cannot differentiate right and wrong, which is why parents and caretakers should take restrictive measures. The cartoons they play for their children should be child-friendly. Parents should watch their words and activities while in the house. More importantly, they should create a healthy environment for their children so that they may turn out fine. The children’s behaviors are a reflection of the environment they are exposed to.

Parents have the future of their children in their hands. It is upon them to build it or destroy it. Either way, they will suffer the consequences together.        


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