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0px; font: 11.0px Helvetica; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000; min-height: 13.0px}span.s1 {font-kerning: none}   In my artwork i use lot of technique from Jin Dine’s work,i learn how to draw the tools we are usually using in our normal life.Jim Dine always draw the tools like hammer,nail.That is because he’s life experience,his father have a shop sales tools.

First i look at his drawing,analysis his composition and the way he draw,i draw 6 small drawing in my sketch book which are follow Jim Dine’s composition but i put my object in it.He has lot of mark making and it is mess.In my final piece i choice a camera as the most important object,and this is also the biggest object.

I decide to use positive and negative space,i set the object to make it dark black by using charcoal,and the background i make it very white to compare my object,so that a more sense of unity between the items,the value of my camera,the visual look of my whole drawing is asymmetrical to contrast my symmetrical object.I also chose 4 different types of drawing tools that we are using everyday life,and i make the patter tidy i draw a charcoal that related to my drawing cause my emphasis work are made by charcoal,and other is a fountain pen,two drawing brush,I also draw a very big brush on the top o my drawing,because i want to make my daily tools mess to be realistic as Jim Dine do.I drew a film behind of the camera,because vintage camera needs film to take photos.The only thing i draw in white is my hourglass,I use white charcoal to draw it to focal point.I draw a pocket watch in the other side of my drawing to make entirety harmony also this is suitable of my theme to keep the drawing balance.I use grey in some part of my drawing to differentiate with white.    I did take inspiration from Jim Dine,we are learning about Jim Dine’s composition in this unit,so we already know the principle and element of his drawing.

His drawing is messy and use daily tools,he use contrast in his work,he use balance and scale,shape,form,value,texture and space,i use some of this,but not all.I did mirror his work to closely in my mark making and object matter,there is lot of mark making in my final piece which i learn from Jim Din,and the different between me and Jim Din’s composition is i use dark mark to form the out line more 3D.   I did choose my own tools,and those tools that i choose has some meaning for me,firstly i decide the theme,i want my art drawing full of ancient style,that is why i choose the old camera and old pocket watch,and the theme of my drawing is nostalgic,and the object i choose is the thing that people always choose to recording every moment they precious.

For example like i choose camera because camera is most common thing usually used to record and memorable,so i put it in the center place to shows my whole theme.I choose many tools for drawing is also because this is memorable.I choose hourglass to represent the time we have been passed this is the same meaning as the pocket watch in the other side,the reason of I chose to drew it is to balance both side make it completeness.    I think the place i did most successful is the emphasis object,and the hourglass.I like the camera as the most successful because this is the object i think most worrying and i spent lot of time to do it,I use marker pen to form the outline.Hourglass is the only thing that made up from white charcoal to contrast other black object,in the beginning i am very confuse how to draw a transparent stuff,i feel happy is not because i think this is successful,i am happy that i learn the technique.    I don’t like the composition of my drawing,cause I did not do it very well,I should more reference other Jim Dine’s work,the object i draw is not shaped and form very 3D,and to achieve the technique of myself to make it more realistic and skilled.

I did not play with positive and negative as well as I should,my drawing is still too immature.The whole looking of my drawing is flat.I have to learn more and more in art lesson in the future to improve myself.    I learned so many in this assessment.

I learn how to play negative and positive space,to form the contrast and shape and balance,I learned how to use different size and types of charcoal to make the drawing,I learned to use element and principle in to my drawing to make it more realistic even know i am still not doing good,but I try to become better every time.The cohesion between black and white background are not look very naturally.If I am going to use it again i think will gone way more better than what i have done in the first time,I am not very i will be doing very successful next time or fully understand and confident to use the technique and those material,but i absorb many technique experience,I will be learn more in the lesson when teacher are analyze the artwork of professional artist,and I have to looking at my classmate the success part they do.      Jim Dine has created a vocabulary out of subjects that have a child-like appeal, such as tools, birds, and hearts.The thing he create is very normal,this is the thing that we can see in our life around everywhere.His work is seemingly normal and random,but also because this is messy and realistic so make the work unique and different any other pop art,in his early years work i think that is more abstract,and after that it is more realistic and it is very close to our daily life,i think that is why he draw “happening”,because those thing are usually shows i our real life,and this is full of authenticity,it can not be abstract.I think the message he want to tell us is cherish and pay attention to every little thing in our lives.            I did mark making create intention in my work,as i write in the first few paragraph,every object that i choose has meaning behind it,the whole theme of my drawing are forces on “Time”,i choose something that represent time in everyday tools,I want my style to become messy and tidy,if you see the first time,it looks very messy,but if look at the detail of my drawing,some part of my drawing are tidy to contract the messy part.

This is affect by Jim Dine,because no one keep everything very tidy,to reflect our real life.     The role i think i play in the mark making in this drawing is i play from dark to light area,and i also form of mark making,The mark making make my drawing more nostalgic,because i used make making so that i can easily to smash it.     I could develop observational drawing through science and technical innovation because i did used lot of technical in my final piece,and the object i chose is the camera,pocket watch,those thing are using science and technical to develop.An d the technical have help me a lot,because i want to being a cloth designer in the future,I think cloth designer must have very good technical of drawing.


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