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ul1 {list-style-type: disc}Packers and Movers in GhaziabadIntroduction :Shifting homes is one of the tedious but an important task because it involves shipment of the goods. Everyone aspires or wants the following things while shifting :Least transportation time.Easy and fast loading /unloading.Low cost.No damage while shipment.Proper settlement or adjustments in the new house.

Well to acquire all these, one needs to chose a perfect packer and mover service -provider. And you have visited the right place to learn about how to chose the same. So, lets start one by one.Points to keep in mind while shifting in Ghaziabad :There are many national as well international packers and movers which provide their services in Ghaziabad. Hence you have many options to chose from.

Before confirming to any company, make sure that how much time do they take in shifting and if they are ready to provide the service in the desired date and time. Although we have provided you with list of the trusted companies only, but since it is never wrong to re-check again, you should do your bit.Unsettled houses are tough to live in and hence no one wants a the house- hold goods to be simply dumped in the new house. So make sure that you get a arranged and well organized house.Types of Packing provided in ghaziabad :Every owner knows the pain of a broken or damaged good, hence it is important to know which type of packing will be suitable.

There are many types of packing provided by them :Fibreboard boxes and cartons : They are cheap and are used for not-so- fragile things. They can withstand mild pressure and jerks. Wooden cases : The goods may require protection by way of packing with layers of insulating material, tar paper, sealed plastic covering etc. There are different types of wooden cases, including those made of plywood, which are being increasingly used by exporters.Wooden crates : These are suitable for wooden packages built like a skeleton. The open crate can be used when the contents are sufficiently resilient to require a minimal form of packing to facilitate handling and stowage. Sometimes, it is used as an outer package to consolidate fibreboard boxes or give cartons extra protection.

Lift vans : When household goods such as tables, chairs, cupboards, glassware, brassware, etc., have to be moved, especially from one country to another, they have to be packed in “lift vans” which are unit loads specially built for the purpose. They are generally made of wood, lined with waterproof material on all sides and additional metallic proofing on the roof to prevent damage by rain and sun.There are many more, and must be chosen according to the type of the commodity.Working Procedure in Ghaziabad:Reaching  : We will provide you with the contact details of your requested team.Fixing the day for Survey :  Packers and movers will visit your house as per your availability.

They will see your goods and give you final quotation. Confirmation of booking – Once confirmation of booking is done, quotation is issued followed by quotation finalization and final confirmation.Packing – The Packing Supervisor gets in touch with you, and will drop at your place timely for the infallible packing treatment.

Transportation – After getting a green signal and conclusions of the requisite payments, the transportation team gets into action instantaneously.Tracking and Help-desk – The driver or the guard of the concerned vehicle remains in constant touch with your “shifting assistant” and coordinates the same.On delivery Goods will be unloaded and labourers will make sure it reach its final destination.Cost and comparing from different moving companies in Ghaziabad :Cost is one of the most important factor. One should always have a rough idea about the rates these companies charge. Although we will give you the exact quotations but here is a rough price chart :           1 BHK 2BHK 3BHK   Bike       CarWithin City   ?500 ?7000   ?10000 0         0100 KM apart ?8000 ?10000 ?13000   ?5700 ?8000300 KM apart ?12500 ?14500 ?17500 ?10500 ?14500500 KM apart ?15000 ?17000 ?20000 ?13500 ?19200Types of shifting in Ghaziabad : There are many types of shifting services provided by moving companies in Ghaziabad.Relocation of household / office goodsPackingPickingTransportaionWarehousingUnpackingSettingRelocation of vehicle(s)PickingTransportationDeliveryFew of them, like TransWorld, MoveMyHome, Agarwal, etc. also provide the different types of services :Packing, picking, transportationWarehousingConclusion :Hence we see that Ghaziabad is well equipped with all kinds of packing and moving facilities and services.

And so the competition is tough here, and so they try to provide you with the best services in order to outshine in their region. So to chose the best among them according to your needs, all the points mentioned above should be kept in mind. FAQ about packers and movers in Ghaziabad :Question 1 : Does quotation price include Toll booth charges?Answer: In most cases it does. However in certain cases packers and movers companies will tell you about itQuestion 2 : Can I use my own labours for the loading and unloading of goods?Answer : Yes you can. But please inform the moving company in advanceQuestion 3 : What is Octroi? Do I need to pay it for everystate?Answer : Octroi is special type of transportation tax.

It need to be paid only for cetain states like MaharashtraQuestion 4 : Do I need to pay some amount in advance?Answer : Yes. Most packers and movers in Gurgaon prefer to take certain amount in advanceQuestion 5 : Can I track my goods and check records, receipts and bills from anywhere?Answr : Yes, You can do that by using your order id and phone number. You can track your good live on mapQuestion 6 : Is insurance of goods compulsary?Answer : No, Insurance is not compulsary. Its totally upto you, if you want to go for the insurance. We recommend you to get your goods insured if it is too valuable or fragileQuestion 7 : Do I need to pay more if I can’t accept delivery on arranged dateAnswer : Yes. Normally packers and movers in Gurgaon charge some amount for keeping your goods in warehouse.



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