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0px}span.s1 {font-kerning: none}Rumi talks about having people come into your life.  The house is a representation of your life and every person that visits is relating to people you meet in your life.  The people you meet can be either a good thing or a bad thing.  He tells the reader to be thankful for those who come in because, with the people that are bad, you learn lessons from them.  Those who are good, they are helpful and make you happy.  It’s important to treat the people you meet with respect whether you like them or not.  He also tells the reader that every person you meet shouldn’t be taken as an accident.

  It should teach us as a person, that even if they are bad, there is a lesson to learn.      I like this poem because it’s true.  Every person that I’ve met whether they’re good or bad; I’ve learned many lessons and it’s gotten me stronger and a better understanding of things. In this poem, Shakespeare talks about a someone he loves and compares them to summer.  He asks to compare a person or the reader to a summers day.

  He talks about how lovely the person or the reader is and how age is just a number and are still young.  He says how the person or reader will never lose the beauty we have.  He talks about how we will live forever even after death and that with this poem our legacy will still go on.  p.

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It was hard to understand at first, but after rereading it a few times it started to make sense.  I like how he compares the person or the reader to summer.  


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