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s1 {font-kerning: none} span.s2 {text-decoration: underline ; font-kerning: none} MARKETING MIXPinterest-Product:It’s a web and app social network where you can browse images and videos as well as buy them. With Pinterest you have the ability of having a personalised feed, you can follow users or boards depending on what you want to see or the things you like. Boards are collections of images or videos dedicated to topics such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle, decor… What sets it apart from other social network is the ability it has to customise the feed or explore page to everyone’s like based on what they like or follow and being able to purchase what you see.

-Price:Pinterest makes all its money from advertising since they app is free to download and sign up with. You can promote your product or your content on the app and it also gives you the feature of being able to buy things you see on the pictures. As of 2017 Pinterest has a $11 billion valuation (Recode, 2017.) Pinterest users spend more money on the app than Facebook users, and they are most likely to buy things within the app than on the actual websites of the products. -Place:E-commerce has become one of the main sources to buy and sell things in this generation. In this social network you have the Pinterest shop where you can buy and sell your clothes or decor.

What makes this more accessible than the other apps is that by just clicking a photo you can buy the product. You can access from the same app without having to go to another website. Apps such Facebook have the same features of being able to buy from the app, what differentiates the two apps is that Pinterest is more accessible and the images are more aesthetically pleasant. -Promotion:This social network became one of the biggest by using tactics of promoting themselves with using ads. The tactics they used were having good features that attracted people and made them stay, features that no other social network had, for example being able to create your own boards or using it as a marketing place. The best way to promote the app is by using its own users because they are the ones that use the app and experience it and they are the best way to communicate the message they want to put out there.



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