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The fashion industry is developing different sustainable strategies, for example, recycling or re-using materials. Designers are starting to think about the impact of the item, from where they originate to  the end of the product life cycle. And most importantly, the impact on the enviorment. This is happening because of the growing consumer demand for socially responsible clothes.  

In our disposable culture, fast-fashion and cheap manufacturing proliferates the waste cycle for garments. 
This is a results in a waste crisis, which continues to rise, each year, an additional 3 percent.  Consumers are polluting water faster than nature can regenerate. 
With these warnings in mind, fashion has decided to take action and to battle against waste.
Some companies are researching on how to use technology to make the end of life of the item, helpful to the environment. For example, the 3D biodegrable textiles. ,which in the end of life, can be  re-used  and the raw materials can biodegrade in nature and restore nutrients to the soil.  

Why does this matter? Because, worldwide consumers will grow and so will the demand. If we don’t take action, waste can cause irreversible damage to the environment. 
Think about re-using or recycling to combat deforestation. 31 percent of the landmass of the earth is forest. The action is taken, to avoid furthernatural disasters caused by ecosystems disrupted by human impact and climate change. 
Together, the goal of reduce waste and protecting nature can be achieved. Goverments have taken intiative. In fact,  the UN created Sustainable Development Goals, for 2020-2030. 
By the year 2020, they plan to increase and  reforestate forests globally.  In 2030, the goal is to establish that people are aware and have sufficient information about  sustainable development and integrate that in their lifestyles, to have a certain harmony with  nature. 
Also, achieve to reduce waste, and in doing so reduce damage to water, air and environment. 

Why Boss GREEN?
Today, we have a possibility to integrate sustainability in the GREEN line. The items are in their simple in terms of design, but complex in its composition of many small details. 
In this aspect, it need to be improved to make the product more sustainable.  


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