p.p1 Heavy fonts declare power and strength,

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There are three basic types of the logo in design industry which are logotype, logomark and combination mark.   

A logotype, commonly known as a ‘word mark’, comprises the company or brand name styled various type fonts. It is usually easy to recognize the brand name to audiences. Also type fonts shows in hundreds and thousands of variations which includes shapes, sizes, and styles. Heavy fonts declare power and strength, on the other hand slanted type fonts express a sense of motion or movement. Script fonts signify a sense of formality and clarification. Type fonts can also add hand-drawn letters, characters or symbols that have been designed in such a way as to fascinate the eye and capture the interest. Images can also be combined into a logotype.

Logomarks are fascinating yet obvious images that are symbolical of a particular company or product. They use imagery that conveys a literal or abstract representation of organisations. Symbols are less direct than straight text. In order for a symbol to be a effective logo, it should be instantaneously recognizable, memorable, illustrative in nature, either concrete or abstract and 
clarified when reproduced in small sizes.

Combination Marks are images; graphics or illustrations with both text and a symbol that manifests the brand image that company or organisation wish to project. Simple text can support an icon, providing supplemental clarity as to what brand enterprise is all about.

As mentioned above, A logotype is easy to recognize the band identity, it represents as a simple logo design. Logomarks and combination marks are less direct than straight text, but there are some particular part of strengths. I will look into two different styles and analyse it on the following pages.


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