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Apple-tab-span {white-space:pre} In Class we have spent much time discussing what is required to become a state. We have also described the four essential elements that are required to be considered a state. The first thing being that a state must have is a population, second it must have territory, third it must have a Government, and lastly but most importantly the government must be capable of entering into foreign markets. Because of the elements that are required to become a state I believe Sealand cannot be considered a state. Sealand has met some of the requirements but they have not met them all. The first element as I stated was having a population which Sealand does have, it consist of three families which may not be a lot but it is significant enough. In the information provided it also states that Sealand is made up of ten acres of land which qualifies for the states territory. Thirdly ********.

Lastly and most important of all the government must be able to enter into foreign relations and in order for this to happen other states must recognize you as a state. Unfortunately for Sealand they were viewed as a state only by Germany for 50 years but they no longer wish to recognize them. So essentially Sealand cannot be considered a State.

When it comes to becoming a state there are many challenges that may take place such as  self determination and territorial integrity. There tends to be tension between both aspects of international law. Self determination is an aspect of international law that allows people to freely determine their future in international order. Self determination allows states to decide their intentional politics status and sovereignty which can be a benefit because it encourages democracy. This principle can actually favor the people because it gives the people the chance to pick their destiny.

It supports the idea of a modern democracy and allows the people to have a voice. A weakness of self determination is that the minorities and and ethnic groups are not seen as different groups instead everyone is considered “peoples”.(CITE) Instead differences in characteristics of the population are disregarded  an is solely viewed as a whole. A benefit that comes with the principle of territorial integrity is that it is meant to protect states from border changes and secessionist movements.

Territorial Integrity protects the states from other states. It is meant to prevent states from border changes or secessionist movements. This allows the people and their territories to be protected at all times. A weakness that comes along with territorial integrity is that it can also be seen as not allowing states to expand over time. The principle has also been known to cause wars because when territories begin to be invaded it causes the states to go to war.

There is conflict between both principles because in a way they contradict each other. Self determination encourages states to choose their destiny to determine there politics status and sovereignty where as territorial integrity challenges that principle because it supports fixed territories. States are made up of real people so people should be able to chose territorial boundaries and states as they wish. The world is constantly changing and so are the people so it should be in the hands of the people. By allowing the people to choose we eliminate acts of aggression that result in war. Therefore, in my opinion self determination is more important than territorial integrity because it is most beneficial for the people. In conflict I believe that self determination principle would over come territorial integrity principle because it is future based and gives the states the chance to determine their futures.

Self determination consist of superior qualities that align with a democracy. If the people see change fit and decide to change their territorial borders it should be supported as part of a democracy. 


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