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letter for my two best friends. It was four years ago that I the
thought of suiciding first occur to me. It was a very tough and
challenging time for me back then, thankfully I was saved by my best
friends. Having someone beside you at all times is the best thing
that can ever to happen to anyone. Especially if you have two of
them. Two beings who you share your moments with, as they become the
supporter for your life. When I first met you two, we were still
young at that time. Heck we weren’t even that close before then.
You two used to belong in a group of people without me, because I
have my own set of friends as well. I remember the two of you,
laughing with your friends as I watch you guys while I was eating
lunch. You two used to hate me so much, for reasons I still don’t
get. Even though we shared the same place, you guys seemed distant to
me. Distant all the time, during lunch and when there are social
activities. Then one random day, something big happened to me. My
former group hated me for my bad attitude so I had no choice but to
leave that group and become independently frustrated with my life, my
friends and family and all the people that were merely friends. It
was tough, trying to live a life alone for a while especially when
your family is 100 kilometres away from me. It was a rough time for
me every time I walk down the corridor because I couldn’t stop
thinking of other people who betrayed me. I thought they’re really
my friends, but I guess money is the only thing they want from me.
Everything changed when I approached the two of you. I remember every
detail of that moment. It was our lunch break, the two of you were
eating while laughing with your other friends. I had no choice but to
awkwardly ask permission to share the table with you and your
companions. But lucky for me, the two of you were nice enough to let
me sit and here what stories or whatever you were talking about.
Everything was okay considering the fact that the table was not big
for me and the two of you plus your group combined. That’s what
friends are, I think, as I share smile and laughter with your people.
After eating lunch, we all resumed back to our classes. That was the
birth of our brotherhood. Since then, our lunch breaks turned to
hangouts to jam sessions, to open forums and group studies. We were
also able to establish extended companionship with others and from
their we built the foundation for future group known as “Shotoy”.
For me, the best of friends will always have their backs. Just like
now, as I wrap this up, one of you helped me complete my stories. As
such, I thank for you guys for being there.


I'm Mary!

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