Owing the devices and the expensive repair fee.

   Owingto the advances of technology, people using electronic devices become morepopular. According to the survey conducted by The Census and StatisticsDepartment on smartphone penetration, the survey results showed that 5468600persons had smartphone which is 85.8% of all persons (Census and Statistics Department, 2017). Not only smartphone, using tablets in school become commontoo. In United States and Korea, colleges even start using e-textbook to replaceprinted textbooks. According to Oxford dictionary, E-book is an electronic version of a printed book that can be readon a computer or handheld device (OxfordDictionaries, n.

d.). It is true that using e-textbook to replaceprinted book brings advantages to students, but some people also claim thatthis action may brings negative impacts too. In the followings, I will discuss the advantages anddisadvantages of electronic textbook.        The most useful function of usingE-textbook is it’s interactive. E-textbook provide audios, videos and animations to the users, which can enhance theintegrity of thecontent. Students can understand the details clearly. Also, if they don’t know theconcepts, they can find extra information from the internet immediately byusing the E-book.

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Besides, electronic textbook is environmental friendly thanthe printed books. A research conducted by The Portal For Statistics, peopleconsumed 407.5 million metric tons of paper around the world in 2014 which meansneed to cut off 5,700,000,000 trees toproduce paper. Fromthe statics, we can know that producing paper is one of the maincause lead to deforestation.

If all students using digital textbook instead of print book, the demand ofpaper will be decrease as the usage on printed textbooks could be reduced. Not onlythat, students do not need to purchase the textbook every single year as electronictextbook provide resources and contents that is the most updated.        Althoughelectronic textbook brings convenient to students and the earth, there are someproblems caused by digital textbook. One of the inconvenience is the life ofthe devices and the expensive repair fee. For a printed book, you can use itfor long time if you keep it well.

However, the life of the device isunpredictable. For example, if the tablet dropped on the floor for once, it iscommon to see that the screen protector may broke or even the devices does notwork anymore. Besides, if the above situation occurred, the repair andmaintenance fees are costly too. Take Apple Inc as an example, repair cost of atablet (iPad) need at least $1500 HKD which is as expensive for students thatthey cannot afford.

Some people may claim that there are many small company inHong Kong provided electronic devices repair service that are cheap. However,these company are not professional and the quality of components are different asthe manufacture company.        Electronictextbook piracy is another problem. Nowadays, internet provide many methods tocopy the e-book content and directly send to others or upload to internet.

Thisaction will harm to the publishers and the authors because everyone can searchfrom the internet to get the book contents and cause to less people buy thecontent from correct way. Finally, their income reduced. Also, criminals maythrough this channel to cheat people out of money.

For example, they can screencapture the E-book contents and upload it to the internet, if any user would liketo download the contents, they will charge them to earn money.         Inconclusion, the usage of electronic textbook become popular, it is interactiveand environmental friendly. However, digital textbook brings negative impactsto users too.

Although it provided the most updated information and contents,the life of the devices is unpredictable that how long it can be used. Besides,from the publishers and authors aspect, using electronic textbook to replaceprinted book will ruin the market. The idea of using digital textbook shouldnot promote. As mentioned above, the main user of e-textbook are students, theyare not mature enough to identify how to manage their e-book in a correct way.If they participate in illegal activities, the consequence would beunimaginable. It is better to use printed books than electronic textbook.


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