Overview: work together and collaborate to enhance


In this assignment I will be
talking about Ooredoo Oman (Omani Qatari Telecommunication Company) which used
to be called Nawras before the rebranding. It is the second Mobile and Fixed
line operator in Oman. Ooredoo is based in Muscat exactly in Muscat Grand Mall
but it has many branches in all Oman regions. Ooredoo was found in 2004 as only
Mobile operator then it started providing fixed line services in 2010. So
Ooredoo Oman has 13 years of experience in Oman. Ooredoo Oman is purely is
specialized in Telecommunication field. It provides Mobile and fixed line
(Prepaid – Postpaid) voice and data services.


Ooredoo Oman’s vision is their
commitment to enhance the customer’s daily life by making the communication
very easy and always a perfect experience. Their mission is to be the best
Mobile & Fixed line operator in Oman and to be the Employer of choice.
Ooredoo have 3 core values which are Caring, Challenging and Connecting. Caring
means they always care, support and respect their customers. Connecting means
they look to engage with customers, work together and collaborate to enhance
their services. Challenging means they are always in progress and always look
to improve and make a difference. Ooredoo’s expansion strategy happened in 2013
when Qtel decided to change all 17 company names to Ooredoo in 2013 in order to form a global business within
the telecommunications industry.

Evaluation and Analysis:


Organizational theory contains organizational analysis approaches. Organizations
are known as people social units/ resources which are managed and structured to
pursue collective goals or to meet some needs. Theories of organizations
contains some perspectives of regional system, bureaucratic theory, contingency
and division of labor.

In rational organization
it is important to specify the formalization and goals. The specialization of
the individual labor roles is the division of labor combined with increasing
the trade and output. Dwight Waldo said in 1978: “Organization theory is
categorized by heterogeneity, claims, vogues and counterclaims” and even
bigger difference in practice and theory have developed since that time. It is
certainly not possible to describe the organization theory as described as an
orderly progression of ideas, or a known base of knowledge where each
development is carefully built and expand the one before it. Rather,
developments in organization theory and practice prescriptions doesn’t agree
with the purposes and uses of organization theory, the cases to which should
solve itself (such as organizational culture and supervision way), and the
variables and concepts that should be evolved into such a theory.


Ooredoo is applying
business ethics and conflict of interest in the organization in potentially
controversial issues such as employees trading with the company, bribery,
intercession, leaking of confidential information. The company has set
different kind of penalties which depends on the mistake which made by the
employee.  Ooredoo is submitting the
business ethics, conflict of interest and confidentiality contract twice every
year to be signed by all employees to refresh the employee’s knowledge about
the penalties and the consequences of the violations. For example, providing
call history or any personal details to someone who is not the original
customer will cause a termination of the employee contract. Also providing some
confidential information about the company’s projects to any other organization
will cause termination of the employee’s contract. Ethical theories are the
rules and principles that determine right and wrong for a given situation, said
(Crane & Matten) in 2010.


The purpose of Bowman’s
strategic clock is to show that a business will have a variety of products and
services to set the position of the product based on dimensions such as price
and predictive value.

There are eight positions
of Bowman’s strategic clock: (Low Price and Low Value Added, Low Price, Hybrid,
Differentiation, Focused Differentiation, Risky High Margins, Monopoly Pricing,
Loss of Market Share). Ooredoo is following the Differentiation position. It is
offering the customers the best level of perceived added value in products and
services to compete with the other service provider (Oman Mobile) to attract
the customers to choose and benefit from their value added services. Since
Ooredoo became a global company, their brand and product quality is playing a
key role to make this strategy happen. Differentiation strategy requires high
products quality with powerful brand awareness and loyalty to achieve the
targeted prices and added value.


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