Overall ? Question ?SendUpbringing and Bleeding KansasTitle:John Brown’s

Overall IntroductionURL:Source:Brackett, Virginia. John Brown, Abolitionist. Philadelphia, Chelsea House      Publishers, 2002.Page:Tags:Cues: :Born in Torrington, Connecticut.

May 9,18001805 Moved to OhioMoved around a lot in his lifetime. : :History :Created: 01/18/18 12:03PM | Updated: 01/26/18 10:52AMEditComments :Comment  ? Question  ?SendUpbringing and Bleeding KansasTitle:John Brown’s Involvement in Bleeding KansasURL:Source:Young, Jeff C. Bleeding Kansas and the Violent Clash over Slavery in the      Heartland. Library ed., Berkeley Heights, MyReportLinks.

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com Books,      2006.Page:Tags:Cues: :pg 9 John Brown swore to the destruction of slavery in a church service in Ohio in 1837.pg 9 Part of the Underground Railroad while living in Pennsylvaniapg 9 Five of Brown’s sons moved to Kansas in 1855 and his son John Jr. sent a letter to Brown alarming him about the thousands of pro-slavery settlers moving into Kansas. There would be an election to determine if Kansas would be a slave state or free state.pg.

14 Brown storms cabins of 3 men, and murdering 5 people.16 “In Brown’s mind he and his cohorts had done nothing wrong. They were merely punishing the evil practice of slavery.” :Shows that John Brown committed to ending slavery early in his life.Shows that John Brown had connections in the anti slavery forces.

Shows why John Brown moved to Kansas, to stop slavery to spreading to the new territories.Brown murdering people in the Pottawatomie Massacre.Brown doesn’t believe himself to be evil. :”In Brown’s mind he and his cohorts had done nothing wrong. They were merely punishing the evil practice of slavery.”History :Created: 01/11/18 11:55AM | Updated: 01/18/18 12:01PMEditComments :Comment  ? Question  ?SendTitle:League of GileaditesURL:Source:Brackett, Virginia.

John Brown, Abolitionist. Philadelphia, Chelsea House      Publishers, 2002.Page:Tags:Cues: :League of Gileadites, Anti-Slavery group formed by John Brown.John Brown forms a anti-slavery group to help him fight slavery 1851 52Named after Gideon, who picked 300 men to help him fight a group called the Midianites.

52 :Shows that John was committed to destroying slavery from the beginningJohn Brown was very religious as he named his group after a Bible group. :History :Created: 01/18/18 11:11AM | Updated: 01/25/18 10:56AMEditComments :Comment  ? Question  ?SendTitle:Brown’s attack on Pottawatomie CreekURL:Source:Brackett, Virginia. John Brown, Abolitionist. Philadelphia, Chelsea House      Publishers, 2002.Page:56-61Tags:Cues: :Brown moved to a place in Kansas called Osawatomie Creek, where his family settles.Learns that people who live in Pottawotomie Creek(Shermanville), a Creek close to where they lived. The people in that area fed and housed the “Border Ruffians”(Pro-slavery settlers from Missouri) Messenger describes the Sack of Lawrence to John Brown, who explodes with anger. Lawrence had surrendered without firing a shot, so Brown convinced some of his men to fight back and kill some of the Ruffians.

 Brown goes to Pottawatomie Creek, where he kills 5 pro-slavery settlers including Pleasant Doyle.Brown and his men became hunted by the Border Ruffians who vowed revenge against Brown and his Pottawatomie Rifles(His men)Frederick, one of Brown’s sons, tending to his horses when some Border Ruffians found him.  The Ruffians fired one bullet directly into Frederick’s heart, killing him. :Brown’s residence in Kansas and exact location.1st reason for the massacre, Shermanville residents are the ones he kills. Brown’s reason for starting the Pottawatomie MassacreThe actual massacre, which makes Brown a criminal to many  and a hero to few.

Buchanan puts bounty on his head.Brown is being hunted by the government and the Border Ruffians,so he had to be carefulFrederick, Brown’s son, is found by the Ruffians and since they couldn’t find John himself, they killed his son, Frederick. :History :Created: 01/18/18 11:23AM | Updated: 01/25/18 10:58AMEditComments :Comment  ? Question  ?SendTitle:When Brown First Witnessed SlaveryURL:Source:Tackach, James.

The Trial of John Brown, Radical Abolitionist. San Diego, Lucent      Books, 1998.Page:Tags:Cues: :Brown age 12/13, lodged at a man’s house who owned a slave Brown’s age.

The owner beat the slave with a fire shovel when the boy didn’t do his task right.  “John painfully remembered the boy’s screams as he accepted his awful punishment. From that moment on, John Brown detested slavery, judging it as his father judged it-a grievous sin against God.” (Tackach 12)Owen Brown, Brown’s father was a very religous man who wanted his children to fear God and avoid Sin.

He had radical views on slavery at the time, as a minister had taught him at a young age that slavery was a sin against God. The Minister said that all people were children of God, including African slaves. Owen told his children that God would eventually punish America for embracing slavery.

 :1.This was Brown’s turning point in terms of slavery. This was the moment that he began to hate slavery.2. Brown was taught from a young age that slavery was something that never should have been in America and I believe that Brown embraced his father’s views on slavery and wanted it to end so badly that he rebelled. :History :Created: 01/25/18 11:49AM | Updated: 01/26/18 11:12AMEditComments :Comment  ? Question  ?SendThe RaidTitle:Raid On Harpers FerryURL:Source:”John Brown’s Harpers Ferry Raid.” Civil War Trust, Civil War Trust,      www.civilwar.

org/learn/collections/john-browns-harpers-ferry-raid.Page:Tags:Cues: :Plan was to take weapons from the supply at Harpers Ferry and distribute them to slaves that they were going to free.Harpers Ferry stored 100,000 weapons.Brown easily took down the guards and they didn’t alert anyone :John Brown’s overall plan for Harper’s Ferry that he believed would work flawlessly. He could’ve armed a ton of slaves and abolished slavery with his army if he hadn’t been stopped.

His plan could’ve been easily been stopped if the guards had alerted someone else in the town. :Not to Frederick Douglass, however. “You are walking into a perfect steel trap,” Douglass warned Brown at a secret meeting in a quarry at Chambersburg, Pa., in August 1859.History :Created: 01/11/18 11:55AM | Updated: 01/25/18 11:00AMEditComments :Comment  ? Question  ?SendTitle:Why John Brown didn’t start a rebellionURL:Source:”John Brown’s Harpers Ferry Raid.” Civil War Trust, Civil War Trust,      www.civilwar.org/learn/collections/john-browns-harpers-ferry-raid.

Page:Tags:Cues: :A night watchmen escaped Brown and his friends and alerted a passenger train going to BaltimoreOne baggage handler got off the train and wandered to Brown’s men. They subsequently shot him.A Harpers Ferry resident, a doctor, came to the aid of the passenger and John Brown let the doctor leave. :This mistakes made sure that John Brown would not control Harpers Ferry for a long time. If Brown had not made these mistakes, he could’ve started the slave rebellion successfully. :History :Created: 01/22/18 06:53PM | Updated: 01/25/18 11:12AMEditComments :Comment  ? Question  ?SendTitle:E.

Lee Seizes Harpers FerryURL:Source:”John Brown’s Harpers Ferry Raid.” Civil War Trust, Civil War Trust,      www.civilwar.

org/learn/collections/john-browns-harpers-ferry-raid.Page:Tags:Cues: :The doctor, John Starry (The Paul revere of this story), leaves and feels residents of nearby Charles Town that a ablitionist had seized the town. Jefferson Guards(2nd Virginia Regiment) had sealed off the town so Brown and his men could not escape.Robert E. Lee is notified that he and the U.S Marines should go seize the ferry and they march on to Harpers Ferry.The Marines surround Brown in the fire engine house, his “headquarters” J.

E.B. Stuart tells Brown to surrender, and Brown refuses.Marines smash through the door and Brown is finally captured. :The government knows about Brown’s plan now. His plan is finally starting to unravel.

Brown can not escape from Harpers Ferry unscathed. Armed government militia men are trying to take back the ferry from Brown. Brown’s plan is finished.

Brown will not back down to the “slavery loving” government.Brown’s Harpers Ferry plan becomes infamous because they don’t execute Brown right on the spot. The 2 month trial will show why many people believe Brown to be a martyr for the anti-slavery cause. :History :Created: 01/22/18 06:58PM | Updated: 01/25/18 11:11AMEditComments :Comment  ? Question  ?SendTitle:The Secret SixURL:Source:Tackach, James. The Trial of John Brown, Radical Abolitionist. San Diego, Lucent      Books, 1998.Page:Tags:Cues: :The Secret Six, a group that fund John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry was comprised of 6 men.

Gerrit Smith, a landowner and social reformer from New YorkTheodore Parker, a Massachusetts ministerThomas Wentworth Higginson, a Massachusetts writer and editorFranklin Sanborn, a schoolteacher from Concord, MassachusettsSamuel Howe, a Massachusetts physicianGeorge Luther Stearns, chairman of a group that gave Brown money for when he went to Kansas. :These were the six men who Brown had told his secret Harpers Ferry plan to. They all had either influence or money. :History :Created: 01/23/18 10:56AM | Updated: 01/23/18 12:03PMEditComments :Comment  ? Question  ?SendThe TrialTitle:John Brown’s TrialURL:Source:User, Super. “The Trial of John Brown: An Account.” Famous Trials,      www.

famous-trials.com/johnbrown/620-home.Page:Tags:Cues: :”If you want my blood, you can have it any moment, without this mockery of a trial.” Brown 1859In the North, the Transcendalists defended Brown, including Henry David Thoreau who delivered a speech defending Brown.Over 600 people attended Brown’s trial.A witness, “Conductor Phelps, described how Brown’s men stopped his train and, with rifles pointing at him, ordered to back the train away from the bridge. He also told the jurors how his black baggage handler came running to him yelling, ‘Captain, I am shot’ as blood flowed from under his left nipple.

” Super User :Brown knew he was going to get charged and didn’t care if he died to stop slavery.Only some people defended Brown’s actions right away.A lot of people wanted John Brown dead and a lot wanted him to survive too. His trial was popular because people wanted to see what would become of him.

The passenger that Brown’s men shot told his conductor that he had been shot at Harpers Ferry. :History :Created: 01/11/18 11:56AM | Updated: 01/25/18 11:12AMEditComments :Comment  ? Question  ?SendTitle:The Trial; Eyewitness AccountsURL:Source:”Witnesses and Testimony at the Trial of John Brown.” Civil War Trust,      Civil War Trust, www.civilwar.org/learn/primary-sources/      witnesses-and-testimony-trial-john-brown.

Page:Tags:Cues: :”Brown has made no confession; but, on the contrary, says he has full confidence in the goodness of God, and is confident that he will rescue him from the perils that surround him. He says he has had rifles leveled at him, knives at his throat, and his life in as great peril as it now is, but that God has always been at his side. He knows God is with him, and fears nothing.” From “The Life, Trial and Execution of Captain John Brown, Known as “Old Brown of Ossawatomie,” with a Full Account of the Attempted Insurrection at Harpers Ferry”.  New York:  Robert M.De Witt, Publisher, 1859″Consternation among the slaves is caused by the fear of being seized as Colonel Washington’s were, and they firmly believe the object of the prisoners was to carry them South and sell them. Not a single slave has yet been implicated as even sympathizing with the insurrectionists.

Those carried off have all been captured and returned to their masters.”From “The Life, Trial and Execution of Captain John Brown, Known as “Old Brown of Ossawatomie,” with a Full Account of the Attempted Insurrection at Harpers Ferry”.  New York:  Robert M.De Witt, Publisher, 1859Brown’s three charges were  1.

For conspiring with Negroes to produce insurrection. 2. For treason in the Commonwealth; 3. For murder.   :Brown was a very religious man his entire life and it really shows here as he thought that God would acquit him of his sins.Even if John had succeeded in freeing the slaves, he would not have ever started a revolution as the slaves thought that he was going to sell them down South.

  :History :Created: 01/22/18 07:36PM | Updated: 01/25/18 11:15AMEditComments :Comment  ? Question  ?SendTitle:Found Guilty for Treason and MurderURL:Source:User, Super. “The Trial of John Brown: An Account.” Famous Trials,      www.famous-trials.com/johnbrown/620-home.

Page:Tags:Cues: :1. Hiram Griswold, said that no man can be tried for treason in a state he is not a citizen of. “–and that Brown, a citizen of New York, could not therefore commit treason against Virginia. As for the charge of inciting a slave revolt, Griswold insisted “there is a manifest distinction” between trying to free slaves, which Brown admittedly did, and inciting them “to rebellion and insurrection,” which includes “riot, robbery, murder, and arson.”” 1859 Hiram Griswold2. Brown believed that God would protect him, but in the long run Brown was hung because the Virginian prosecutor had more evidence on him.3. The New Testament teaches me that all things whatsoever I would that men should do to me, I should do even so to them.

…I have endeavored to act on that instruction.

I am yet too young to understand that God is any respecter of persons. I believe that to have interfered, as I have done,..

.in behalf of His despised poor, is no wrong, but right. Now, if it is deemed necessary that I should forfeit my life for the furtherance of the ends of justice, and mingle my blood farther with the blood of my children and the blood of millions in this slave country whose rights are disregarded by wicked, cruel, and unjust enactments, I say let it be done.

” Brown 18594.Many Southerners saw him as brave but also a villain for freeing the slaves and that made them say that the Republican were controlled by radical abolitionists like Brown. The Northeners applauded him for trying to incite a rebellion but saw his actions as flawed.

 5. After Brown was convicted, his defense attorney, pleaded insanity for Brown, showing his Provisional Constitution as an example. The attorney also said that insanity ran in Brown’s family. Brown always argued that he was not insane and his statements during the trial showed tat Brown was definitely not insane.6. The only member of the Secret Six that was in America at the time, Thomas Wentworth Higginson, wanted to rescue Brown, and even had an almost successful attempt, but Brown did not want to get rescued.  :Shows that more and more people started to rally for Brown as the trial went on.

 Brown was hung because the prosecutor had more information on Brown that could convict himBrown final speech of his life. Why many Northerners believed he was a martyr. America’s view on Brown. The trial was one of the starting points for the Civil War. This was the first unofficial victory for the South.

Brown didn’t wanted to be convicted as an insane man, as he was not. 5 and 6. Brown wanted everyone to know about his radical views on slavery and his plan to free the slaves.

 :History :Created: 01/22/18 07:53PM | Updated: 01/25/18 11:41AMEditComments :Comment  ? Question  ?SendTitle:Brown’s ExecutionURL:Source:Tackach, James. The Trial of John Brown, Radical Abolitionist. San Diego, Lucent      Books, 1998.Page:Tags:Cues: :The onlookers at Brown’s execution. Stonewall Jackson, a general in the Army of Northern Virginia.

John Wilkes Booth, the actor who killed Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s theaterRobert E. Lee, The commanding officer of the Army of Northern Virginia. The unofficial general of the Confederate army.Edmund Ruffin, the man who fired the first official shot of the Civil War, the cannon shot at Fort Sumter. :A lot of famous Confederate figures were at Brown’s hanging and they may have been inspired by Brown to take down those evil abolitionists in the Civil War. :History :Created: 01/23/18 11:57AM | Updated: 01/23/18 12:03PMEditComments :Comment  ? Question  ?Send Add  Delete  Print ?Topic


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