Over 2017). The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Over the years Hollywood has had an impact on world polities. Hollywood became more involved in politics after World War II. According to Nilsen (2011), Hollywood movies had pejorative effects on the image of the USA around the world. The government had censored these movies. But on the other hand, some movies supported the image of the USA as the savior of the world, such as Captain America, where the hero is filmed fighting with his courageous comrades, the “evil” German Nazis. Hollywood has also made some political movies supporting the cold war. These movies were censored in the Soviet Union and China.
For example, “on the beach” and “Dr Strangelove” were banned in the Soviet Union (Moody 2017). However, the non-political movies were transmitted to the opposing camp. They managed to show how happy the Americans were and how easy their lives were comparing to the soviets’ miserable life. So, it influenced its audience to change their mind and it has helped to start revolutions (Aydener 2017). For example, in China, during the reign of Mao Zedong; protesting students made a copy of the statue of liberty in the Tiananmen Square (Nye,2005, as cited in Aydemir 2017). The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were used by Hollywood as a propagation war. In the movies they show the lives of soldiers who fought or are fighting during these wars. So, it gave a bad image of the middle eastern countries. Not only Hollywood has an impact in politics but also it plays a role in the economics of the USA.
Hollywood has been beneficial economically for the United states. Hollywood has a way of displaying scenery in an attractive way for its evidence. It has a huge number of tourists to sights where important movies were filmed such as the movie “Jurassic Park” that was filmed in Hawaii. It is known that the movie attracted a huge amount of people to visit famous scenes where this movie was shot. Hollywood itself is a touristic sight as well. The famous Hollywood sign or the Hollywood walk of fame are places visited by tourists that implies that more income is being generated into the US; through tourism. The film industry is also known to promote American gadgets or objects. Contemporary films are sometimes used for advertisement. For example, in the movie franchise “Fast and Furious”, the main character “Don” acted by Vin Diesel is seen driving an American brand car Ford. He uses it to win races with and it has a sentimental value for him. In most of the new movies’ teenagers are filmed using Apple as their phones or their laptops. By promoting these products fans are buying them in order to look like the actors. When movies are released, it can be released in cinemas around the world. If it is successful it becomes a blockbuster. For example, the movie “the Avengers infinite war” has made around 2 billion USD (IMDb) in the box office. This has increased the income of the US. Since movies have an impact economically, they also have a social impact.
Hollywood has a social influence on international audience. The American film industry has a way of encouraging the “American way of life”. In the movies they show how easy their lifestyle is, and how women are valued. They also show how advanced they have become. It influences international audience to eat, dress and wear like them. In most of the movies, the actors are filmed eating at McDonald’s or TGIF (two American brands) in an attempting way. For instance, in the movie the “Titanic” (1997) one of the best movies of all time, displays the American dream. It reflects the source of attractions with its values in soft power of America (Aydemir,2017). Hollywood, by causing criticism against fascism and totalitarism have promoted American values such as liberalism. The movie “The Patriot” (2000) talks about the war of the American Independence. It highlights the people who inspire others to follow the American values like liberalism (Blachmor,2012). Hollywood has made social classification of people. In some movies the mafias are always portrayed as Russians. For instance, in the movie franchise “The undisputed”, the bad people are always Russians, and the Americans are wrongfully imprisoned or even the “black” people are always aggressive.


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