Over technique of food preservation. Food preservation

Over the years, mankind practised various methods of food preservation. The most widely and effectively used is the drying technique of food preservation. Food preservation prevents the growth of microorganisms and their multiplication which then reduces the deterioration and decay of food. Of the food crops ever grown by man, maize is the most common.

Maize drying is important to reduce the moisture content which improves the storability, transportation and quality of it. Weight and volume of grain is greatly reduced by drying which supports the storability of it. Forced and/or natural air which has temperatures above that of maize is used for grain drying. The critical parameters in drying are air velocity, temperature of incident air and the relative humidity of the air. If these parameters are optimum, grain drying happens rapidly and effectively. Most farmers resort to natural drying of maize which has its own benefits and disadvantages. The obvious advantages being that of cheapness but however its slow, labour intensive and affects the quality of maize being dried.

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Forced air drying methods have been used by many people. However many of these forced air drying methods uses energy resource which are not renewable and scarce to some remote areas of the land. Solar maize is cheap and uses natural renewable energy resource which is abundant in most areas of Zimbabwe.


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