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Over the past years, more and more protestations on the arguments of butchering animals for eating meat and consuming a vegan diet have started. Most of the vegetarians think that eating vegetables is far good way of living than killing animals as they have right to live. They also think that consuming vegan diet will improve their health and keep them away from deadly diseases. They choose to give up the use of animal products, including leather, fur, etc. People refuse to meat as they find eating meat is wrong. But does that mean that we are morally obligate to be a vegetarian? Is it necessary to be vegetarian in order to be considered as a moral person? Morality is and will always be a major philosophical issue as it touches on several aspects of ethical discussion. This topic is important philosophically because not eating animals and completely feeding on vegan diet is becoming a major worldwide issue.
In this paper, I will discuss about the various arguments presented by Philosophy scientists and the readers on the interests of animals and humans of getting killed and eating animals, simultaneously. The least harm principle argument by Steven L. Davis talking about how vegan diet is killing more number of animals. I will also talk about the myths considered by people on eating meat and getting healthy diet from plants. From a very general perspective, this paper will relate to our moral obligation of not always being a vegetarian and why eating meat should be considered permissible and torturing them shouldn’t be. Also, the viewpoints on not necessary to be a vegetarian in order to be considered as moral person.
The questions often raised or trouble-shooed by the meat eaters are: Animals would eat us if they are hungry, why shouldn’t we eat them? If all human beings start feeding on plants, won’t the plants deplete one day? Aren’t humans, animals and plants part of food chain and food web where all of them are interlinked, and in order to survive each of them have to feed on each other? Killing an animal is not humane but torturing them is. The manner in which they are raised and slaughtered in factory farms often turn away the avid meat lover.
In Alastair Norcross paper; Puppies, Pigs and People: eating meat and marginal cases (2004), what Freud did was wrong. He tortured puppies for several days to get the cocoamone hormone, for his gustatory pleasure, since the cocoamone can only be extracted from the puppies by torturing them. But the Justification given by Freud to the people horrified them. He compared his torturing of animals to the factory farmed meat and said that his behaviour was morally permissible. Torturing an animal for your gustatory pleasure is wrong. Freud was not getting any kind of nutrition. Whereas people eat meat in order to get proteins and carbohydrates. They eat meat as it has much higher energy footprint than any other. Our ancestors also hunted animals and ate them as their food. Does this makes our ancestors immoral who largely fed on meat? People now a days do not like to eat meat to keep the tradition of their ancestors but to stay healthy. Today human interests and rights are much stronger than the interest of animals as human beings consider themselves with unique rational minds. In my point of view, torturing an animal should be considered more offensive than killing them. Animals in factory farm are subjected to very confine space. In that confined space they are constantly surrounded by their own waste which causes stress life to animals and can toll their immune system. This can lead to various diseases to an animal. 80 percent of the pigs have pneumonia when they get slaughtered. Various antibiotics and hormones are given to animals for their early growth. This can often lead to infections in animals of E.coli, Salmonella, and many more. If these factory farmed tortured animals eaten by people or not properly cooked may lead to the same infections in humans. Factory’s often torture animals for increasing their flesh which lead to their good marketing. This brings more money and good lifestyle for them. But don’t you think that torturing an animal will give more pain and suffering than killing them directly? In Muslims ceremony, they kill and slaughter chickens, goats etc. slowly so that they feel pain and suffer. Don’t you think that this is more offensive? One of the biggest myths of human kind if that spiritual or religious people think that eating meat is a sin and God will punish them if eaten by them. Can you name me any Vedas in which it is written that eating meat is an offence? Bible, Bhagwat geeta, kuran and Guru Granth sahib, is there anything written in that about punishing human being if we kill and eat meat? Yes, I am a religious person, I am a non-vegetarian and I am not ashamed of that.
Many people often think that being on a vegan diet is more nutritious than any other. A question to all my vegetarian friends: If they are getting all the nutrition then why do they have higher risks of cholesterol cancer rate? If they are getting all the nutrition’s from plant then why they are feeding on animal products? Why there infants have more immunity problems than the others? There are so many species of plants which do not give all of the nutrients. Calcium, Zinc, vitamin B-12, Vitamin D, amino acids, omega 3 and proteins are some of the nutrients which one get only through meat and their products. The proteins are the building blocks of cell and omega 3 is good for brain which increases our immunity power. Hence, troubleshooting aspect of veganism is the inadequate and deficiency of nutrients in their meals. And these nutrients if not given to the infant, may lead it to many disorders and immunity problems. Everyone knows the theory of natural selection and the survival of the fittest. One can survive in this world by becoming most powerful. And humans are powerful than animals as we possess a kind and level of rationality not possessed by animals. In Independent newspaper on 17 July 2017, Ian Jostens wrote an article about how vegetarian’s diet can lead to higher risk of heart diseases. Cardiologists have found that some of the vegetarian’s diet food like sweet food, refined grains and potatoes are not good for health and cause higher risk of heart diseases leading to cardiac stroke and cardiac arrest. And potatoes are used and added to every dish at home. Hence we conclude that eating a vegan diet can also not make you all the way fit and healthy. Kim ben in her paper of “A strict vegetarian diet is unhealthy for most human people” (2010) have clearly pointed that a vegan diet cannot always make you healthy.
People often think getting a vegetarian diet will increase their life span with few years as they are eating healthy food. But there are 90,000 people in US, that are 100 years old or older and none of them are vegetarians. Jeanne calment, a French supercentenarian, has the longest life human span who lived for 122 years 164 days was not a vegetarian. Sarah Knauss, Nabi Tajima, Lucy Hannah, etc. are the other females who lived over 117 years are non-vegetarians. Hence, feeding on a vegan diet will not necessary increase your life span.
I totally agree with the Steven L. Davis paper of “The least harm principle may require that humans consume a diet containing large herbivores, not a vegan diet” (2002) in which he clearly states and points that a vegan diet results in the killing and loss of many animals. Over billions of animals are killed during harvesting crops. 8.4 billions Of farm animals are killed each year in the US for food production. The agricultural food produced by plants, causes more killing of animals. In his paper, he even wrote the other alternative which can cause least harm to animals. Killing of the largest animal which will reduce the number of animals that would need to die to feed humans, cultivating and producing own vegan diet small land plots and local hunting of animals for their own food. And these alternatives can be used in order to make ourselves more environment friendly.
With the paper of Davis, we can conclude that vegetarians also kill and cause harm to animals. Then why can’t we kill and eat them. Vegetarians talk about Animals right to live as they are living creatures. Aren’t the plants also living? Aren’t plants same as animals? Don’t they also have emotions? Don’t they produce their fruits to reproduce and increase their population but are eaten by the humans for their own benefits? Since, they are not able to walk or speak does that means that they are dead ones? Then there should be a plants right to live too.
In conclusion, I think that we are not morally obligate to be vegetarians.


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