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Over the past decade a different type of bullying has grown to be a major problem. Unlike traditional bullying in the years past, the latest generation has been able to use technology to expand their reach and the extent of the harm. This act is being called cyberbullying which means, ” will and repeated harm inflicted through the use of computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices.” “Twenty percent of youth between ages 11-18 have been victims of cyberbullying” says the Cyberbullying Research Center. This needs to come to an end. If cyberbullying is against the law, less people would be victimized.
Traditional cyberbullying is not nearly as severe as cyberbullying. With cyberbullying the bully can hide behind a screen and can go unidentified. They can use anonymous emails, and usernames to attack the innocent victim. Also cyberbullying causes mental disturbance within teens. Suicide and self harm are big problems in our society, and a lot of suicidal people are like this because of cyberbullying. The cyberbullies mess with your head and lead teens to become depressed, which sadly, can lead to suicide. “If a bill is passed it will make sure the bully will be held accountable for the behavior that led to someone getting hurt.”
These days many kids are on social media. To be exact, nine out of ten kids are on social media, for a variety of reasons. But then there are the cyberbullies that invade the teen accounts and their privacy. Fake identification is against the law. “Lori Drew was convicted of violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act after creating a fake MySpace account”, says the Dangers of Cyberbullying Radio Interview. That account was used to bully a 13 year old girl named Megan Meir. In this case the cyberbully (Lori Drew), invades Megan’s account and terrorizes her.
It is also very difficult to get away from cyberbullying. It is because the bully can attack through many different ways. A lot of teens don’t even know their bully. Only about “34% of teens know who their bullies are”, says the Cyberbullying Research Center. The victims don’t know how to stop the bully as they don’t know them.
The opposition may claim “Why don’t they just unplug?”, but there’s to it than that. Teens can’t just “unplug”, as it is an “essential part of society and their homes”. Teens use their smartphones for more than just social media. Cell phones are used to contact parents and to call for help during emergencies. Teens need cell phones as it is a big part of their lives.
Cyberbullies need to be prosecuted for statements made over social media. If they aren’t more and more teens will continue to take their lives when they did nothing wrong. Too many teens are being harassed on social media. Cyberbullying needs to stop. Unplugging isn’t the answer, but I believe making a law that prosecutes cyberbullies is.


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