Over commitment and dedication needed to qualify as

 Overthe past five years I have set myself realistic goals and focus on achievingthem one at a time. By doing this I have always been successful such as passingmy level 3 course whilst pregnant. After gaining some experience in school bothmainstream and specialist schools, the next step for me is applying to PlymouthBA Honours Degree in Social Work. I chose Plymouth for their excellent teachingmethods, University atmosphere, and their full-time route enables me to carryon with my home life commitments.

Once I qualify as a social worker I wouldlike to work in a children and young people setting and develop my counsellingskills to help others. My personal adversities that I had to dealwith in the past made me determined to become a social worker and use my ownexperiences to help others facing similar difficulties.Asfar back as I can remember, I’ve always had a great interest in helping andworking with children and young people. Facing my own personal problems at ageof three made me insightful beyond my years. Both of my parent leaving myselfand my four siblings in Ghana (West Africa) to come to England to find a betterlife, so leaving us with an abusive Auntie.

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I had to endure days of going withoutfood, being beaten as well as sexual abuse, this has helped me develop empathyand sensitivity towards others who may have endure the same, which I believe isa fundamental skill that a social worker requires.Iam a mother of three children, this has taught me how to organisation and managemy time more effectively for whilst raising a family and work as a TeachingAssistant which I am thoroughly enjoying. I also enjoy reading and socialisingwhen I get the opportunity. Previously being a mature student, I’ve learnt howto communicate effectively, as well as working within a team. I can use myinitiative and manage my time with work, study, social and home life. With fullsupport from my partner and children, I know I can give this course the fullcommitment and dedication needed to qualify as social worker. Ichose social work because I believe in the principles and code of ethics, they falldirectly in line with the way view the world. The principle ofself-determination, social justice and advocacy describe my morals and values.

Asa Social worker, I will be able to put these values into practice and allows meto have a job I can truly believe in as well as make a difference. In becoming asocial worker, I would be the able to help, big or small a young person life, orhave the privilege of working towards this daily. My principles are what drivesto bring awareness of justice and equality, and continuing to equip and empowervulnerable and underrepresented children and young people of our society.Withevery challenge lies an opportunity.

This is a philosophy that helps methroughout my life and whist try to find for myself


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