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Over the years a new community has slowly been coming forward into society’s light. The new community is the LGBTQ+ community. It is a community filled with people whose sexual preference is the same gender, people who identify as the opposite gender, people whose sexual preference is both genders. The community itself is all about acceptance and uniqueness. Many people embrace this community as it is a very positive community filled with love and the intent to do good rather than hate. However, like with everything else that occurs, balance must be kept. So as the support for the LGBTQ+ Community grows, to balance it out, the outcry grows. They believe it is unnatural to be apart of this community and in some religious cases, that anyone part of this community is possessed. To stop people in this community being unnatural they are sent to Gay Conversion Therapy. Gay Conversion Therapy is a practice that was created to convince people that being homosexual, transgender, bisexual and so on is evil. In the practice they teach that anyone who is a part of this community should exist. The purpose of Gay Conversion Therapy is to make people “normal” again. In other words, heterosexual and binary gendered. A lot of Christian Churches in the Anglican Communion believe that being gay is a sin as it is not “natural”. They are also avid supporters in the concept of Sexual Intimacy only happening between   They argue that you are sinning against God when you do sexual acts with a person of your gender. They constantly disapprove of the Gay Rights Parade and other such acts of sin, for example, abortion. They are avid supporters of people going to Gay Conversion Therapy. The Reformed Church in America has the stance that; “Heterosexuality is not only normal; it is normative. Homosexual acts are contrary to the will of God for human sexuality.” They have also made statements that while the act of Homosexuality is a sin, the people who commit the act should be able to be saved. They prove this when they have stated in 1978;”It is one matter to affirm that self-chosen homosexual acts are sinful. It is quite another to reject, defame, and excoriate the humanity of the person who performs them. This distinction has often been missed. It is possible and necessary on biblical grounds to identify homosexuality as a departure from God’s intent. However. there are no theological grounds on which a homosexual may be singled out for a greater measure of judgement. All persons hold within them the marks of the fall.” This statement proves that while the Church believes that Homosexuality is a sin, they believe that the people committing the sin can be saved. They believed they can be saved by sending them to Gay Conversion Therapy and teaching them to hate the act of homosexuality. The Gay Conversion Therapy Organisation released a statement by survivors of Gay Conversion Therapy which quoted;”Many of us sacrificed loving same-sex relationships, risked opposite-sex marriages, and/or remained alone in hopelessness. These toxic messages led many of us down a path of self-destructive behaviors, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and in some cases, attempted suicide.” It brings into question, This is an example of Utilitarianism because while a lot of people is accepting of the LGBTQ+ Community, a lot of people aren’t. Utilitarianism is whether an act can be judged on the amount of happiness it can bring people. So, Utilitarianism can apply to both sides of the divide.  The LGBTQ+ Community make people feel happy and accepting. But, they also make the church of America feel unhappy. Meaning, depending on who’s side you look at it from they either fulfil the concept of Utilitarianism or they don’t. It is a double-edged sword that you have to approach very carefully. Utilitarianism makes anything justifiable however, meaning that if you looked at Gay Conversion Therapy a certain way, it wouldn’t be barbaric and actually what they would be doing is justified and not condoned.On the other hand, a lot of people believe that we should ban Gay Conversion Therapy because everyone is allowed to love anyone they want to, as this is a accepting community all around the world. “Gay Conversion Therapy has a history of damaging, scientifically unfounded approaches.” According to The Atlantic, which published an article on the states of America outlawing Gay Conversion Therapy. The article then proceeds to mention a statement from a Peter Gajdics, who mentioned in the Inheritance of Shame, a memoir, “Being pinned down by two other men as his psychiatrist screams at him, mocking him for having sex with other men.” The article also states that it has heard similar statements from people in the U.S, China and Ecuador. The outcry against Gay Conversion Therapy grows stronger whenever statements like Mr Peter Gajdics are released.  This is an example of Consequentialism. People supported the idea of Gay Conversion Therapy, however as the therapy practitioners actions came into light the consequences became more detrimental than productive and useful. An article by the NCL Rights Organisation states that; “Gay Conversion Therapy according to mental health professionals can resort to methods such as institutionalization, castration, and electroconvulsive shock therapy.”  The consequences of such actions are very drastic and the people of the public refused to allow this practice to continue in the light of Consequentialism. The Church of England decided to stop the practice of Gay Conversion Therapy altogether by calling for ban on the practice. In the article it stated that; “Ozanne quoted an online survey she recently conducted in the LGBTQ+ community, in which just under 40% of her 553 respondents said they had undergone some form of conversion therapy.” They also have statements from several people around the world, for example a Mr John Sentamu, the archbishop of York said “conversion therapy was theologically unsound, so the sooner the practice of it is banned, I can sleep at night.” People are looking at this practice of Gay Conversion Therapy and the methods it is employing and are saying stop. They believe that the negative consequences outweigh the positive ones.This essay and topic of Gay Conversion Therapy has really stretched the limits of what I have been able to write about. It has allowed me to discover things about myself, about my morals that I did not know about.  I have discovered that the type of ethics I follow is the “Duty Ethics” type. Everything I do is with the intent to do good. When I started this essay and investigation, I was 100% completely against the concept of Gay Conversion Therapy. It showed in my early drafts as I was writing my first analyzation. My first analyzation  was about how Gay Conversion Therapy is good but my own opinion kept slipping through. thought it was extremely wrong and that no one should have to go and attend it. To me, forcing someone to change who they are because they don’t fit a certain standard / criteria of people was horrible. To me it was barbaric. It went against my own moral compass. It still does in many ways. However, after researching the topic of Gay Conversion Therapy I understand what it focuses on and how it may affect the people that choose to attend such a practice. However, while I may understand why somebody may wish to go to this, I don’t think, that currently I will be able to fully accept the concept of Gay Conversion Therapy. While I understand it, and in some cases respect it, it still goes against the morals I live by.References:”Anglican Communion.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 15 Jan. 2018, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anglican_Communion. “General Synod Statements: Homosexuality.” General Synod Statements: Homosexuality | Reformed Church in America, www.rca.org/homosexuality.”Statement.” Conversion Therapy Survivors, conversiontherapysurvivors.org/survivors-statement.Frankel, Joseph. “More and More States Are Outlawing Gay-Conversion Therapy.” The Atlantic, Atlantic Media Company, 10 July 2017, www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2017/07/states-outlawing-conversion-therapy/533121/.”#BornPerfect: The Facts About Conversion Therapy.” National Center for Lesbian Rights, 6 Dec. 2016, www.nclrights.org/bornperfect-the-facts-about-conversion-therapy/.Sherwood, Harriet. “Church of England Demands Ban on Conversion Therapy.” The Guardian, Guardian News and Media, 8 July 2017, www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jul/08/church-of-england-demands-ban-on-conversion-therapy.


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