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Overthe past few decades freelancing has become a source of income for the peopleof all age groups. There are many freelancing platforms available but ourprimary concern today is with fiverr.

comSo what is actually needed to start freelancing on Fiverr.com? A laptop or a computer. An internet connection. Application installed in your android or iphone device. Why Choosing Fiverr?·        As many opportunities as you can thinkof. Believe it or not you can be the jack of alltrades as long as it is about fiverr. There are so many opportunities availableon fiverr.

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com in the form of gigs. A gig is any service that can be offeredwhile using fiverr, like a gig can be as simple as “I will paraphrase a500 word essay for you in 5$”. You’d beamazed to find out about the gigs and services that people provide. From theirgiven categories if there is any task that you think you can do while being atyour own home then without any doubt fiverr is the best place for you.·        Even their minimum is the maximum of otherfreelancing sites. The minimum amount you canset, as a seller (a seller is the person offering services in the form ofgigs), for a task is $5 but of course that is the minimum you canselect which is one of the best thing about fiverr.·        Easy payout methods.

 When you are ready to withdraw your funds they provide youwith 3 easy methods. You can withdraw your earnings using PayPal. Now there arecountries like Pakistan where you cannot make account on PayPal so why worry?Fiverr.com provides you with 2 more options! You candirectly deposit to a bank account. Don’t have a bank account?Fiverr.

com has 1 more payout option and that is through Fiverr revenue card, itis a debit card that is supported by MasterCard and Payoneer.·        Be your own boss. You decide when to work and when not to, Fiverr gives youthis great option to set the vacation mode on so you no longer need to worryabout your work schedule, unlike other freelancing sites. How to get started with fiverr?Signing up for fiverr isa pretty easier task. You can easily sign up using your facebook or your gmailaccount and your all set to make your very own gigs.What’s the thumb rule?You have to pay a closerlook and a deeper attention on your profile and your competitors profile.

It’sjust like when a person do not know you personally all they are going to judgeyou is by the way you look and the way you presents yourself. Just similar tothat in your case you are a new Fiverr seller with no ratings and no reviews soyour profile is the only thing that can get you a buyer so you have to work oneach and every single little detail including your display picture, your selfdescription and the way you choose to present your gig.Go for a detailed gig pageIt isdifficult but not impossible to convince buyers (The user who purchases yourgig) of yourpotential, especially when you are a new seller, with no ratings and reviews. Put as many details in your gig page as you can but do not go out of the way. Even your detailed gig needs to be accurate. Don’t lie about anything in your gig that you cannot do.

Add a cover photo that will leave a great impression on buyer, you can even put a quality video or upload a PDF file describing your work in more detail on your gig. Visit your competitors gig while designing your own gig so you can have a rough idea about the pricing and services your competitors are providing at any given price.(so you can always come up with a much better gig) Do not copy your competitors gig. You will only end up regretting if you do that. Any extra service that you can provide always mention it in gig extras. Gig extras may include several things including extra fast delivery or extra revisions as well. Getting your first sale Your first customers can be the one’s you already know. Ask your family or friends to buy your gig in this way they will get a quality work from you and you will get your initial ratings to hit the market.

Check buyer’s request under selling option in your home page. It is the section where buyer’s post what they want and according to your gig and services you can send them offers. What kind of gigs can you make?You can make a gig onany service that you can provide from their given categories and subcategories. Fiverr provides you as many categories as you can think of. Have followers? if you are into digital marketing and you have a huge amount of followers on any of the social networking sites than you can give shoutouts and promotions to others and get paid for doing it. Know Photoshop? if you are good with digital drawings you can start making logos and benefit yourself from your knowledge. Have a command on English? you can write articles or even paraphrase them. A web developer? you can get your web related projects on fiverr.

Thereis a big room of opportunities on Fiverr for everyone. You can literally be whoyou want to be Or you can enjoy your hobbies while getting paid for them.Getting paidThese three methods ofwithdrawing your funds can be: PayPal method. Fiverr revenue card. Direct deposite to your bank account.The fiverr revenue card is basically a debit card. It issupported by MasterCard and Payoneer (if you don’t have a payoneer account youcan make it today using this -> link <- and you will get $25). Things to keep in mindThereare a few necessary things that should be kept in mind.

Make sure that you keep your fiverr clients to fiverr. Avoid sharing your skype and other id’s there. Fiverr generates a little revenue from the service fees so it’s better that your fiverr clients pays you through that platform. Basically it charges on your gig payments. Never copy anybody’s gig.

Avoid using more than 1 fiverr account on 1 IP. 


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