Outsourcing Many businesses understand the importance and

Outsourcing services, and especially IT services, has become a real trend among small and medium size businesses on a global level. And it is all for a good reason. Specialized IT companies help businesses to bridge the gap when it comes to IT development and maintenance.

Many businesses understand the importance and benefits of IT outsourcing. And there are actual figures that prove it. In fact, studies show that as much as 60 % of IT services are being outsourced. What’s more, spending on outsourcing accounts for 10.2 percent of IT budgets.

Apart from the reasons above, we’ll go into detail as to why businesses more and more decide to outsource their IT services.


Reduced Costs

The main incentive for IT outsourcing in businesses is reducing costs. When a business outsources services, it eliminates the costs of hiring an employee or a whole IT department team, such as training, management, health care, employment taxes, retirement etc.

What’s more important, companies don’t need to invest in hardware and software to build a data center. Also, outsourcing costs are often more predictable. Outsourcing vendor generally charge less for network access and support compared to the price a business would pay to a provider.


Focus on Core Business

For many companies, IT is not their core competence. So if they decide to develop a data center, it’s not likely they that will gain a competitive advantage. It’s would be even harder for them to recruit and train an IT team with high level of skills if the companies’ niche isn’t technology.

Outsourcing IT services enables businesses to focus on core competences and businesses development, and not struggle with technical issues. On the other hand, specialized IT companies are proficient in finding and building e-business solutions for companies. Top-notch IT companies, such as Nextsense, specialize in providing services that improve the business performance of companies. Nextsense works side by side its clients to transform their classical ideas of doing business into effective e-business solutions.


Access to Latest Technology

Changes in software and hardware are happening on a rapid pace. If a company doesn’t specialize in IT, it wouldn’t be able to keep up with all the updates in the IT sphere. Cooperating with an IT outsourcing company provides you more than skilled professionals. IT service companies can provide you with sound advice regarding IT solutions and decisions.

Besides IT service, businesses also get access to latest technology and support from a specialized IT support team that is well qualified to deploy it.

Speaking of latest technology, there is a new web-based component that is indispensable for business and administrative processes. Signing Component, is the latest product developed by Nextsense. It offers signing of digital XML and PDF documents without Java support. With its numerous advantages and functionalities, it’s an easy-to-use browser extension that facilitates business operations.


Reduced Risk

As technology is really pricy, any wrong decisions may cost a great amount of money, time and effort for fixes. This is another very valid reason why outsourcing services is valuable. An IT service company would have the appropriate experience and skills to make the right technical decisions.

Outsourcing services to an IT specialized company can reduced the risk of data loss, too. With hundreds of million pieces of malware created every year, a company can suffer significant financial and data loses if a breach occurs. IT outsourcing providers are equipped with various security software solutions in order to ensure data centers are appropriately protected.

Collaborating with an outsourcing IT company also minimalizes the risk of downtown disruption. IT service vendors possess powerful devices, backup and recovery procedures that reduce the risk of data lose in the event of device failure.



In the end, every company should consider whether its business goals and needs align with hiring an outsourcing company. It also needs to be taken into account that IT sourcing has its own risks. It is essentials to assess the vendor’s qualifications and required expertise for providing the services. Companies need to monitor the IT outsourcing company work and inform them if there are any changes required in order to ensure the best possible result.

However, the benefits of outsourcing IT service clearly outweigh the risks. And the most important thing in outsourcing services is collaboration and communication between the client and the vendor.


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