Outside Not wanting to see her suffer any

Outside the surgery room, my family and I were waiting anxiously. Today was the day my grandmother would be operated on by some skillful surgeons. My grandmother had always had a weak heart. Not wanting to see her suffer any more, my parents decided to let her have the surgery as recommended by our family doctor.

My mother was pacing anxiously in front of me. What could possibly go wrong? I asked myself. But still I could not see my heart at ease. The seconds ticked by. I could feel myself getting more and more anxious.

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As the ordeal dragged on, I could not help but think back of the times my grandmother and I had spent together. I had always been the apple of my grandmother’s eye. She would give me everything I wanted. When I was little, she used to tell me stories, but as she grew older, she often suffered from chest pains and became too weak to tell me all her dear stories.

Lost in thoughts, I did not notice a doctor and several nurses coming out of the operating theatre. It took me several seconds to return to reality. Immediately, I leaped up from my seat, and rushed forward. My heart pounded heavily in my chest. I felt as if I would explode!

My heart sank as I noticed the grim expression on the chief surgeon’s face. Then, his stem face broke into a smile. He informed us that the surgery was a success. My heart swelled with happiness. “My dear’Por Por’ is alive!” Out of the corner of my eyes as tears ran down my cheeks, I saw my parents thanking the surgeon profusely.

That day was no doubt the happiest day in my life. It was such a relief to know that my grandmother would no longer have to suffer in agony from her chest pains and that we both could be together a little longer.


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