OUTLOOK.COM and boasts of 400 million users is


COM SUPPORT NUMBER   Outlook.com, originally known as Hotmail, MSN andWindows Live Mail is a very reliable free webmail service from the Microsoftcooperation. Outlook.com, available in 106 languages and boasts of 400 millionusers is one of a kind web-based platform of webmail, contacts, tasks andcalendaring services. Outlook.com supports the latest versions of many internetbrowsers.

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With Outlook, you can navigate a page easily without using the mousebecause of its keyboard control feature. Searching for mails is very easy onOutlook, you are assured of great results. The following are other specialfeatures of Outlook: þ  Auto-completionof contact address when sending mailþ  Organizationof mails in different foldersþ  Messagefilters and spam filtersþ  Sleekgrouping of contactsþ  Contactsimporting and exporting as CSV filesþ  Richtext formattingþ  Richtext signatureþ  Virusscanning With all these features, Outlook.

com is a joy touse. Using it has immense benefits to all users. Now, with all the accoladesgiven to Outlook, there are some technical issues that may arise and posechallenges to users. The following are various technical issues that users ofOutlook may have to battle with from time to time: þ  Outlookserver issuesþ  Sign-inissues from a new deviceþ  Passwordissues – forgotten passwordþ  Accountsetting problemsþ  Outlooktakes too long to openþ  Outlookcannot be accessedþ  Outlookhaving problems sending mailsþ  Outlookhaving challenges receiving mailsþ  Problemactivating two-step authenticationþ  Mobileapp and other devices sync problems þ  Serversync issues Gettingsupport for Outlook Issues Outlook users that encountered any of the aboveissues can easily contact Outlook official customer support to get theirproblems resolved. They can also get immediate help from third-party Outlooksupport toll-free lines. Outlook users can get help through the following:  Outlook Support Department Contact Information Outlook Email Account Help https://support.

microsoft.com/en-us/products/microsoft-account/ Outlook Support Page https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/contactus/ Outlook Support Community/Forums https://answers.

microsoft.com/en-us/outlook_com/forum/oemail   Outlook Support (Facebook) https://www.facebook.com/outlook/ Outlook Support (You Tube) https://www.youtube.com/user/MSFTOutlook Contact the Nearest Microsoft Office https://www.

microsoft.com/en-us/worldwide.aspx Microsoft Disability Answer Desk https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/anwerdesk/accessibility Outlook Official Customer Care Line You cannot contact Outlook through their toll-free contact number Outlook Third-Party Customer Help Line There are Third-Party sites offering assistance to Outlook users daily their phone numbers are available online.

                                                                          Third-partycustomer care services are available 24/7 on phone and chat ready to assist youwith your issues. Just feel free to use any of the contact information to getyour Outlook issues solved.  Image Courtesy: email-support-desk.com


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