Outline into a regular practice since it

Outline theories and models of professional supervisionThere are numbers of models of supervision, including one-to- one supervision between a supervisor and supervisee, group supervision in which two or more staff discuss their work with a supervisor, and peer group supervision where staff discusses work with each other, with the role of supervisor being shared, the method used will depends on a number of factors, including personal choice, access to supervision, length of experience, qualifications and availability of supervisory groups.Models and Theories of supervision include; integrated model includes combination of several theories into a regular practice since it involves employment of multiple therapeutic orientations for example discrimination model that combines an attention to three roles of supervisory with three focus areas. Developmental models are the belief that individuals are continuously growing. Combination of experience and transmissible susceptibility leads to strength development and growth areas.

Identification of growth needed for the future is the main objective of supervision from this perspective. An orientation-specific model involves adoption of a particular brand of therapy which entails practice analysis for genuine observance to the “brand” of intervention (Halse, & Malfroy, 2010).

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