Out park has many different places, such as

Out of all the National Parks in Washington State, I find Olympic Park most intriguing.

Founded on the second of March 1909, by Theodore Roosevelt, Olympic Park has become the second biggest National Park in Washington. It is known for its wild shorelines and huge forests. It holds several amazing animals and still has many visitors to this day.This park has many different places, such as the mountains, which hold several glaciers, such as Hoh Glacier. They also hold lots of snow during the winter. This is a big reason a lot of winter sportsmen come visit. These mountains are known as the Glaciated Mountains.

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Olympic Park also consists of large forests including the Temperate Forest. The forests contain lots of amazing animals such as river otters, red foxes, and much more. The animals are protected from hunters, allowing them to live free in their natural environment.

These forests are also a great place for hikers and sightseers.Olympic Park contains coastlines, as well. The Pacific Ocean runs wildly along the shores of Olympic Park and is a great place to enjoy scenery and have fun.

Many of the beaches mainly consist of sand, but others have many heavy rocks that cover the shore. The reason people go here after so long is because there is still so much cool stuff to do and sights to see.After researching this park, I have a desire to visit it soon. My family could stay in Port Townsend, which is the closest town to Olympic park. This might be the first time my family would be using our camper, too.

I really hope to find river otters and hopefully even a fox.


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