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Our project to reduce our carbon footprint, with Natasha Marko, is to grow a lemon tree. This does not change that much in my family, but the times are a difficult task; meaning going over to one another houses to work on the project. While doing this project, my family, decided to grow more plants and trees because, for one, they are very pretty, and for two, it helps our environment.

In our project there were indeed weaknesses such as, at some point, our tree decided it did not want to grow anymore and wanted to die; but it is now living and a healthy baby tree. Our project is looking good so far, we are doing a shadowbox, our tree is growing correctly, and the leaves do smell a lot like lemons. I, personally, would like to grow more items such as plants and more trees to decrease our carbon footprint even more.

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At least three potential lifestyles I could commit to long-term would be to grow more items, become a vegan, use recyclable items, and to use less paper. I would grow more items because it helps improves the air by absorbing harmful greenhouse gasses, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide. Scientists have estimated that one tree can absorb about ten pounds of polluted air every year and release 260 pounds of oxygen. There are multiple reasons to becoming a vegan, the exploitation of animals and it increases our energy.

The production of meat and animal products, place a very heavy burden on our environment, we must feed the animals, give them water, and the transport. Eating meat also significantly increases risk of cancer, it increases your risk of heart disease and diabetes, it does make it harder to keep a healthy body weight. It carries the highest risk of foodborne illness, can make you resistant to antibiotics, and it increases your risk of death. I would use recyclable items to reduce the pollution caused by waste; also recycling reduces the need for many materials so that the rainforests can be preserved and saved. Finally, I would use less paper because it decreases the healthy air that lets us breath healthily and it will, hopefully, decrease deforestation or else our air quality will start to get bad and poison our lungs. Biodiversity is the term that is given to describe the variety of life on earth and the natural patterns it forms.

It is the result of evolution, natural processes, and human influences. Biodiversity involves diversity of genes within a species, of species within ecosystems, and of ecosystems in the biosphere. Currently, the world’s population is increasing in size a lot. Population growth in a country using a capitalist economic system means more demand for products and therefore economic growth. Population growth puts tremendous pressure on economic and ecological resources. The world will have to come to terms with the fact that we, as human beings, are consuming at a faster rate than nature is able to produce right now.

There are too many mouths to feed and fewer natural recourses on hand. The earth is soon going to be over populated plus the way we treat the earth, pollution, oils spills, deforestation; its all murdering our planet. We live on this planet and, yet we decide to murder it; basically, killing ourselves.

We destroy this world by dumping oils in our oceans; killing our animals and ecosystem. We dump all our trash anywhere we like, therefore in the end, there will be no more room for anything. People, meaning the government, are going to start the Hunger Games or The Giver. Human actions have also played a role in change, whish is also causing great danger for biodiversity.

The change in climate is due to increased atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide, whish causes increased land and ocean temperatures, and changes in precipitation and sea level rise. With the change in climate also comes a change in species. Climate affects the timing of reproduction and migration, the length of growing seasons, species distributions and population size. Scientists have said that it is expected that the change in climate in the 21st century will have a much higher rate than the past 10,000 years and create an even bigger impact on biodiversity. The United States is now going “green” while foreign countries have become less “green” as we export manufactured items. Our economy is too far gone to reach a point of sustainability as a planet because of the way we treat everything. We not only murder our planet but also our atmosphere and around the earth. Our ecosystem can and never will get better, there is too much oil and pollution on this earth that its just slowly dying.

The world may never get better even if we try and help get it back to its healthy state there are too many people that wont help and will destroy the earth even more than it is.


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