Our it. MtDNA mutations can be homoplasmic

Our Article was about how to decrease the chance of passing of Mitochondrial DNA disease to your children.

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is passed from the mother to the children during meiosis. So any diseases or mutations that occur in the mtDNA are very dangerous and can often be fatal. Reducing the amount of  mtDNA disease passed on the the child Is very important, because an mtDNA disease could severely affect or even end a child’s life. Pronuclear transplantation (PNT) can help to reduce the chance of getting an mtDNA disease, however this doesn’t always prevent it. MtDNA mutations can be homoplasmic or heteroplasmic, meaning that all of the mtDNA is mutated(homoplasmic), or its a mixture of both mutated and wild-type (Heteroplasmic). With heteroplasmy the oocytes are varied in the amount of mutations, because of this it makes it very unpredictable of how much mtDNA disease could be present.

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Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) identifies embryos that have low amounts of mutated genes, however this method doesn’t work for homogenic mtDNA mutation patients.     The prevention and reduction of mtDNA disease is significant, because if a mother passes on too many chromosomes with a lot of mtDNA disease present, the child’s life could be negatively impacted, or the child could die.  This relates to our topic because, mtDNA diseases would be passed on through the stages in meiosis. It also relates because, the mtDNA genes are in the dividing diploid chromosomes that pass on to the child in reproduction. This article was very interesting, because it talks about how sometimes things can go completely wrong during reproduction, and the child could either die or have a miserable life, because too many of a certain gene was passed on to them.

In other cases everything can go totally correct and the child can turn out perfectly fine and live a normal life. This topic is important, because it can help lower the amount of people dying because of mtDNA diseases. This helps more people live better, and healthier lives. 


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