OUR of two thousand and ten, when

OUR HENS ALL FOURIt was the year of two thousand and ten,when we expected our big fat hen.”Molly the Moran!”Then there was, “Milly”And then there was, “Tilly” the twins Wellsummerlast but not least there was “Holly the third”Our clutter of hens were complete.We’ve made them a huge home so sweet,There they can retreat from the heat of the dayWhenever they wish to play.There’s an outdoor pen with hayAnd plenty of nibbles to eatTo watch them will be a treat.We’re going to introduce them to Ozzy the cat,What will he think of the hens and all that?What will he do when they cluck and lay?Will he run so far away?Or will he look and say,”Alana there’s an egg for your tea!Will you share it with me?”An egg softly boiled with toasted soldiers and butterOr scrambledOr friedOr poachedEven an omelette would be nice ,Mmmmwe,ll share it with everybody.”Even” said Ozzy, ” the mice.”


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